Free Number Plate Valuations: Is it possible?

The majority of people want to have a quick solution for everything. Free things attract people the most. The same goes for private number plates. It has been observed that lots of people search for free instant number plate valuations on Google every month.

It has been seen that bulk results that have topped the Google ranking are usually the companies that are offering free valuations that are computer-generated.

What are computer-generated free valuations?

You can get a ballpark figure through the free valuations generated by the computer. As the estimates are machine created, these can’t figure out any special significance or names like humans.

For example, A computer-generated valuation can’t covey that for Peter, P3 TER can be the ideal personalized number plate and can fetch colossal money.

Valuations by telephone:

You may get dealers offering your plate’s value over the phone. In general, they use premium-rate numbers, usually charging approximately £1.00 per minute for funding it so that they don’t have to take calls for free throughout the day. But, the problem lies around the fact that the valuation that is given to you is the figure that the dealers expect to return you after the selling of the number plate, and not the exact figure that they wish to sell the plate for that is the actual value of the number plate.

The real fact is that the amount that will be the actual selling price of the personalized number plate is often approximately 30% more than the amount returned to the plate owner.

Is there any way to receive an honest valuation of the number plates?

Two options are there:

Do the research yourself:

Though you may not be the expert of the private number plate, yet you can get a fair idea of the accurate valuation by doing a bit of research.

Take help from an individual having zero hidden agenda:

You can get most of the valuations that are free from online. Some individuals possess an ulterior motive and wish to sell your private number plate based on commission.

Is it possible to receive a free instant valuation of personalized plates?

Take the help of social media groups. There exist some groups dedicated to information about number plates on Facebook. Join these groups and discuss them with other people. The group admin approves the joining request, and then you can post your requirement or see any content.

But, remember that the opinions you see on those groups may not be coming from the number plate experts.

You can get online sites that are genuine and offer impartial valuations of private number plates. These websites are backed by highly experienced people who are dealing with number plates over the decades.

The classified sites are the authentic ones with a business model that permits direct dealing between the buyers and sellers. There is zero intermediary involved, and hence, the valuations provided are completely honest. However, a small service fee is required.

Selling a private number plate can be frustrating for you as it takes a lot of time and hard work. Getting the right buyers and answering showers of questions can be extremely tiring. Hence, approaching specialists surely helps. They are pro sales advisers too. You can be sure that your number plates are in good hands.

Obtaining an accurate assessment of the personalized registration number plate is the first rule. These agencies deliver valuation form that is simple to understand and free to use. It won’t take much time to complete it. You just have to enter the registration number that you want to sell along with contact details in the given fields. After clicking on the ‘request valuation,’ the concerned executives will start working on it.

After the completion of the appraisal, the right team will get in contact with you and inform you about the quote. If you agree with them, then only the business of selling your number plate initiates. They will advertise about your number plate on their sites so that the positive buyers can hunt them and buy.

So, it is evident that though you can get a free valuation of your number plate through genuine dealers yet selling it won’t be entirely free as there is an involvement of the service charge.