Franchise of High School

Higher Education is the basic need for every individual to survive in a modern day world. Higher education is one of the most important parts of the whole education process and plays a key role in developing and transforming a person into fine human being. It also helps to groom the teen by building the personality and the conduct of the person. High-school education is very limited to the subject-based system of classes. The more technical knowledge is imbibed in a person in the higher education process. The subject-based class system helps to educate the children more and in detail. The classes of the students are completely dependent on the choice of the subjects by the students.

In the present day scenario higher education is franchised to certain levels. Franchise of high school has become very common in the modern day world. The business concept of franchise is where a franchisee and franchiser is set on two ends and are connected by a same objective. The franchiser licenses the right and properties to its franchiser. This is done on mutual agreement between the two parties and is completely legal. Franchising is done over the entire world. Just like in franchising of business “chain stores” are created, franchising in business also help to create multiple centers of the same institution supervised by the main one or acting under the rules and regulations of the main nerve centre. The franchiser because of the legal activity is entitled to some amount from the franchisee because of:

  1. Trademark used and royalty for it
  2. Certain percentage of the individual business sale of units
  3. Reimbursement for training of staffs.

The education system in India is also slowly being converted into the franchise system of education. The franchise for higher schools is increasing at a tremendous rate in this third –world country where the parents strive hard to get the best education for their children. The franchised higher educational institutions include some of the top rated institutions namely:

  1. Shiksha Expert LLP- Shiksha Expert Limited Liability is a joint venture of several companies formed in the year 2012. Registered at the registrar of companies, the head office I located in Chandigarh. The main job of it is serving education to its students.
  2. National College of Fire and Safety Engineering- The National College of Fire and Safety Engineering or NCFSE is located in Nagpur. Prevention of fire though accident in companies and providing of industrial safety is the main objective of the company. the training and education is provided at the Civil Lines in Nagpur.
  3. Rajeev Gandhi Computer Mission- One of the biggest institutions of the country to promote and provide computer educational courses is the Rajeev Gandhi Computer Mission. It is undoubtedly one of the top most institutions.
  4. National Institute of Management Science and Research- At NIMSR, the students are trained to understand the administrator jobs and manage the every changing business dynamics. The institute with its studies helps to enhance the career of several students. The centre is located in Delhi.