For The Best In 4e Wide Shoes, Check Out XL Feet

Nothing feels worse than shoes too thin for your feet—as though the leather is corseting your foot, compressing it, rending your tendons, mashing together your bones. But it can be difficult, immensely difficult, to find 4E Wide Shoes that fit your feet. Certainly, none of the retail outlets stock them. You’ve checked. You’ve tried. You’ve driven around to every shoe outlet in a 50-mile radius and received for your effort little more than tight smiles and tired apologies. Living with wide feet can seem like a constant discourse with disappointment, but don’t resign yourself too quickly to a lifetime of ill-fitting footwear. There’s always hope. We at XL Feet are here to help you. Since our founding a decade ago, XL feet have made it our mission to bring you the wide width shoes that you deserve. We understand how difficult it is to find shoes that fit your feet and the frustration that comes with having to settle for a subpar product. Finding the right shoe can be a revelatory experience. A shoe that fits can change your life. From work boots to hiking boots, to dress shoes, to slippers, XL feet have all the wide shoes you need.

Let’s start with work boots. Never is it more important to have a shoe that fits than when you’re standing eight to ten hours on your feet working at the job site. You want to be able to focus all your attention on the work in front of you, rather than on the pain pressing into your toes. At XL Feet, we sell a number of quality work boots, including a Carolina Six Inch Steel toe made right here in the US by industrious Americans. These shoes come in sizes up to eighteen, and in widths from 2E to 4E. This steel-toe boot uses three separate technologies to manage moisture, heat, and fungus development, keeping your foot as well-regulated as a five-toed flower in a greenhouse. The steel shank in these boots protects your feet from sharp objects and provides arch support. Finally, this boot’s amber-gold pitstop leather upper is something to behold. It’s as close as you’re going to get to work boots as a fashion object, a piece of cowhide perfection.

Now let’s move on to hiking boots. One of our favorites is the Dunham Cloud, in no small part because the name sounds like something you’d call a famous small town boxer in the 1940s. This lightweight waterproof hiking boot comes in sizes seven through eighteen, in widths from regular to 4E. Well-insulated from the weather, this boots full-grain leather upper and solid rubber insole do God’s work protecting your feet from rain, mud, and wind. With a removable molded EVA and memory foam footbed, the interior of this hiking boot is designed for ultimate comfort. A fiberglass stability shank is embedded in the boot’s midsole, supporting the arch, which TRU-Trak multidirectional outsole grip technology provides maximum traction and surface contact. If you’re looking for a lightweight, waterproof boot, check out the Dunham Cloud today.

Finally, let’s end with some all-purpose shoes. The New Balance 624 Cross Trainers are made in sizes seven to twenty, and in width from regular up to 6E. These shoes are classics in the bigfoot world. Tall men with big feet and men with wide feet have been counting on these shoes for years. The 624 is equipped with an EVA footbed, injection-molded EVA foam, ABZORB® cushioning, an internal shank, and New Balance’s lightweight phantom liner.

For the best in 4E wide shoes check out XL Feet today.

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