Five places in Hamilton you must see before you die

The Hamilton city is located to the west of Ontario in Canada which is also largely known as the city of waterfalls. Hamilton has a wide attraction spots ranging from conservation areas, waterfalls, museums, botanical gardens and also safari parks. If you are planning to visit Hamilton for a vacation then there are places that you must visit because of their beauty and the natural vibes they give off. There is so much to learn about Hamilton and it might be the best vacation you will ever have. Let’s dive into these locations.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum:

If you are interested to know about the history of Canadian military history then you must visit this heritage museum. The museum sports 40 different aircraft that astonish the viewers. These planes will give you a nostalgic vibe as they were used in World War II which includes the Avro Lancaster. Taking your family to this museum will make them fall in love with this place and will make it memorable.

Dundurn Castle:

This castle includes forty well decorated and kept rooms with a garden that has various vegetables, fruits and herbs. It is an archaic castle that has glimpses of the past in every corner of the rooms. It had been renovated about 50 years ago and still looks beautiful and clean till date. It will surely leave you impressed. Make sure you don’t miss this beautiful castle with so much to offer.

Tews Falls:

The Tews Falls in Hamilton is the tallest waterfall that is nearly about 41 feet. It has been called the Niagara Falls of Hamilton. The best season to visit this falls is spring as you can enjoy the soothing breeze and the beautiful noise of the falls. It is not far from Dundurn castle. It is the best place for people who love falls.

Bayfront Park:

The Bayfront Park was once an industrial site that has now turned into a beautiful park for people to enjoy. It has become possible by planting a number of trees, making it green to give a nice and pleasant natural vibe along with a fish habitat. The result is a beautiful park to spend time with your family. If you are one of those who likes to chill in the shades of trees and feel the cold breeze you must check it out.

African Lion Safari:

African Lion Safari is another park that has a whopping 1,000 count of exotic species, mainly birds and animals. These animals include giraffes, lions, cheetahs, zebras, ostrich and many more. It is more like a zoo. It has a large area and also have lakes where elephants can be seen swimming. One of the best spots to take your family out for that memorable and fun-filled experience. Kids will love the animals and the scenic beauty the park offers.

These were the five places that you must visit if you ever go to Hamilton, Canada. You will have a good experience. Get out and get inspired by this places Hamilton. You can get in touch with property management firm and they can help you find the perfect home or rental in Hamilton or around the area.