Find the Tastiest Premium E Liquids from SMAX

We don’t take flavors lightly here at SMAX. When we decided we were going to produce a line of e liquids, we knew that we would only settle once we had mixed up the best Premium E Liquid flavors on the market. With the amount of competition, we knew this was not going to be an easy task. The process of finding the perfect flavor profiles involved a lot more failure than it did successes, but that didn’t discourage us. After months of mixing, testing, remixing, and retesting, we released a line of six amazing flavors that our customers have been loving since 2014.

We call our collection the SMAX bible. While this may seem like we’re making some bold claims about our flavors, we really just want our customers to understand how much faith we have in our products. We had a divine mission to help our customers find the perfect e liquids for their palate, and our Bible was our toolkit to make sure we got the job done right.

We settled on six unique flavors with the hope that any potential customer could look them over and find a perfect fit for their flavor preferences. We decided to split our collection down the middle with three fruity flavors and three more savory dessert options. We ended up with these scintillating mixtures.

  • Good Vibes – A tropical mixture of pineapple, passionfruit, and other sweet chilled fruits
  • Lick It – The classic combo of sweet peaches and clouds of whipped cream
  • Pony On Acid – Our best selling berry blend with a delicious strawberry glaze
  • Mafia Princess – Italian cake layered with whipped cream and drenched in espresso
  • She’s A Dime – A lime cake pop coated in a sweet lemon sauce
  • Sammie Puffs – Flavors of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate make this e-liquid a campfire classic

No matter which flavor you want to try, you will get to experience our max VG formula. While most brands use propylene glycol in their mixtures, but many users experience discomfort when vaping PG. At SMAX, our premium e liquids are over 90% all-natural vegetable glycerin to provide both exceptional vapor quality and comfort. The thick consistency and naturally dense vapor of VG make our e liquids an ideal choice for sub-ohm vaping.

We made the decision to create max VG formulas because of the negative reactions some vapers have when using high PG formulas. Propylene glycol is responsible for the “throat hit” that you get from some e liquids. While some users value this sensation, especially for cessation purposes, this irritation can be far more serious for some vapers. The vapor produced from high PG mixtures can cause painful irritation to the throat, eyes, and skin in sensitive users.

If you have ever experienced some form of irritation when vaping, it might be time to consider a max VG mixture. Unlike PG, allergic reactions to vegetable glycerin are extremely rare. VG is found in many foods and topical products, so if you had a VG allergy you would know it by now.

So if you’re ready to try a new premium e liquid, check out our collection at SMAX. Whether you want to just try a single flavor of the entire SMAX Bible, you can get your e liquids in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg concentrations to suit any vaper. If you’re ready for the best flavors in the form of some thick and smooth vapor, SMAX has the e liquids you need.

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