Find the Right Modern Linear Fireplace at Embers Living

Are you working on designing an outfitting a living space that simply needs the compliment and social attraction of a fireplace but you aren’t quite sure how to incorporate it into the design? Do you love the form and function of traditional fireplace and fireplace inserts but need something with new age lines and flair? Does your living space miss just a little touch of the ambience of firelight, but need something sleek to fit along a wall or in an island? If so, a Modern Linear Fireplace might be the answer to your needs. With all of the function and style of a wood fireplace or a gas fireplace insert but with none of the added maintenance, linear fireplaces are a new twist on a timeless favorite. Available in models using electric or gas, or even real wood with real or simulated flames, and customizable in a wide range of features, linear fireplaces are the perfect addition to a living space that requires minimum forfeiture of space and maximum visibility. With so many customizable traits, so many installation options, and in some models the ability to operate with or without heat, there is something for everyone to love and a unit for any space you need to spice up.

Great Selection and Sleek Appeal
At Embers Living, you will find a wide selection of linear fireplaces from the most reputable manufacturers around such as Napoleon, Empire ,Valcourtand Dimplex. These suppliers have taken the greatest pains in designing models that are not only functional but beautiful and easy to use. On top of the ability to customize a trim or liner that will serve the perfect presentation to its quarters, many models offer accent lighting that set the mood even when the flames are not present. The LED lights that are present in many models never need maintenance or replacing and their effect on the crushed glass media that adorns many models is the very author of ambience. The crushed glass itself comes in a variety of different colors and tones, allowing you to create the perfect setting and match to the lighting and the room. Many models of modern linear fireplace have remote control adaptability, which enables you to set the lighting, flame height and color, and heat of the room at a distance and with ease. Electric models, which are most numerously represented in the portfolio of modern linear fireplaces, offer customizability not seen in gas models. Because they are electric, they can be formatted to nearly any quarters. Moreover, using electricity as a fuel means that the user has the option to control flame height and color at a whim, as well as the choice to operate without heat. This last benefit allows a modern linear fireplace to be utilized just as effectively in the summer for appeal as in the winter for function, giving linear electric fireplaces the perfect niche in nearly every home.

Attention to Detail and Great Customer Service
Once you’ve made the decision to pursue the beautiful and functional presence of a modern linear fireplace in your home or business, it’s time for you to head Embers Living is your premier partner for fireplaces of all sorts. With a massive inventory of all things fire, from grills and stoves to fireplace inserts, they have everything you need to set up a new fireplace. But that’s not all because they also sell components and accents that will make your fireplace truly a unique addition to your home. Even more is the fact that Embers Living’s attention to customer satisfaction and service is the very hallmark of their business. Customers that are happy with their fireplaces are the cornerstone of their success. Head to today to see the difference a new fireplace can make for you.

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