Find The Right Goodman Heat Pump Package Unit at Budget Air Supply

There are quite a few reasons that you might be looking for a Goodman Heat Pump Package Unit. You might be interested in the potential benefits it might bring for you in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. You might be wondering whether or not it may just do a better job of heating or cooling your home, period. Each of these is a valid consideration, and if you’re in the market for a Goodman heat pump package unit, you need look no further than Budget Air Supply. At Budget Air Supply you can take your pick of the many options available and choose the right Goodman heat pump package unit for you.

If you go with Goodman, you will have multiple configurations to choose from in capacities up to 5 tons. Goodman offers a 3 ton 14 SEER Packaged Heat Pump Unit with AC adapters that is perfect for handling all the seasons, and particularly ready to handle the heat. The unit comes in a rugged heavy cabinet with coil protection and an insulated blower compartment, as ready as it could be to buck the weather. The AC unit has an energy efficient compressor, with a filter dryer and quiet discharge for your convenience. Best of all, it packs 32,200 BTUs of heating power and 36,000 BTUs of cooling power. If you need to handle a larger volume of air, Goodman’s 14 SEER 5 Ton package unit offers many of the same attractive features as the 3 ton unit, but comes with 57,000 and 54,500 BTUs of cooling and heating capacity, respectively.

If you need a 16 SEER unit, Goodman has you covered as well. You could go with Goodman’s 2 Ton Horizontal Packaged Unit. It offers many of the same features as the 14 SEER models, such as an enclosed and insulated fan motor and a protective and powder finished cabinet to help it power through many seasons. It brings 24,000 and 23,400 BTUs of cooling and heating capacity. For extra power, Goodman’s 16 SEER 5 Ton Heat Pump Package brings 57,500 BTUs of cooling power and 41,000 BTUs of heating power.

Regardless of which Goodman heat pump package unit you determine is the best fit for your circumstances, you can be sure you’ll be getting the best deal on it when you shop at Budget Air Supply. Quite simply, that’s because even if their price isn’t the best out of the gate (though it probably is) you’re covered by their price match guarantee, so if you find it cheaper elsewhere, Budget Air Supply will match the price. Then, of course, you will get Budget Air Supply’s legendary free shipping, which will save you a ton and have your new equipment delivered to you much faster than the competition. Finally, Budget Air Supply can help you get everything installed and operational through their vendor network.

Shopping at Budget Air Supply is a refreshing experience, considering that Budget Air Supply’s success is largely due to its responsibility and attention to the customer. In an industry that is generally defined by slow response times and shoddy service, Budget Air Supply is the mold breaker of superior customer service, quality products and low prices to boot. Rely on Budget Air Supply to suit your HVAC needs and you will not only get not only the best customer service, the lowest prices and the fastest shipping, but guarantees on their products as well. You can call them up at 855-473-6484 with any questions you might have and they will be glad to help, or visit their website at

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