Find the Right 60 Inch Linear Gas Fireplace at Embers Living

Fireplaces complete the scene. The scene could be a lounge or a den. The scene could be an office or a library. The scene could be a living room, a bar, or a billiard room. It could be outdoors, or it could be a sleeping chamber. The time and place reach near irrelevance before the power of utility of mystique that the right fireplace brings to set the charm. That being said, the choice of settlement remains to the designer or inhabitant to select the piece that most fits the event or arrangement. In some such situations a linear fireplace will be the perfect compliment to the scene. When then need for maximum frontage, sometimes on both sides of the fixture, arises, oftentimes the answer is a linear fireplace. Also, when the need for quick deployment and a rapid ability to change lighting, heat, or colors becomes necessary, as with the case of entertainment, a linear fireplace is often the choice. Of course, all of these factors coming into play requires the need for a responsible and attentive and expert provider. That provider is Embers Living. When you’re looking for a fireplace of any nature, Embers Living is the foremost provider and expert of such affairs, specializing in all matters of fire, from stoves to grills.

So you’ve settled on a 60 Inch Linear Gas Fireplace for the benefits it affords, and there are many choices at your disposal. The team at Embers Living is ready to help you navigate those choices. From Empire Boulevard you’ll find a choice of a 60 inch direct vent linear fireplace, with your choice of natural gas or propane as fuel. This model also features your choice of liners, fronts and trims, to better suit the quarters which it ill grace. You’ll also have your choice of driftwood and rocks to complete the effect of the fireplace, as well as glass media for the floor, either in clear, frosted or metallic variants. The model can easily be set and controlled with a digital remote, giving instant access to flame height, accent lighting, and blower. This unit can easily light and heat most rooms – though the accents of the unit are at your disposal to control and perfect.

Another 60 inch linear gas fireplace from Empire Boulevard that is perfect for open concept spaces and heating on both sides of the unit is their Through Vent-Free 60 inch fireplace. With 40,000 BTUs of heating power, this unit is more powerful than many central units that many rely on for heat. Moreover, it has the benefit of gracing several spaces at once with heat, light and presence. With similar assets such as your choice of glass media, trimming, and framing color and material, this unit can be set into many open concept spaces and much to their benefit. It can also be easily controlled with a digital remote for alteration to light, heat and more.

In addition to the aforementioned units, at Embers Living you will find many more 60 inch linear gas fireplaces (and linear gas fireplaces in many more sizes and configurations) from Empire Boulevard, Dimplex, Flare, Napoleon and more. Additionally, it doesn’t stop there, because at Embers Living you can trust to provide you with parts and expertise, as well as grills, stoves, and fireplaces that operate on gas, electricity and wood. It’s a one stop shop for all things appertinent to fireplaces, indoor or out. Nowhere else will you find the expertise, relevant experience, and the selection of unsurpassable quality units and equipment as from Embers Living. So when the time comes for you to do some serious searching for your next linear gas fireplace, head to

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