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The fireplace – there isn’t much that can be said about its central importance as the fixture of a living or gathering place that hasn’t already been said a thousand times over. It is the prime and central amenity that completes a space, whether that space is for social gathering, for business, resting quarters, cooking, or even outside. Even in a day where central heat and modern furnaces and stoves have taken away the basic necessity of a fireplace, the allure and romance continue to follow fireplaces, though they now operate on so much more than wood and in so many configurations. One such design is linear, and Outdoor Linear Fireplaces have been growing in popularity for a host of reasons in their niches.

Though they serve somewhat altered purposes and roles from their original wood burning predecessors in the form of stoves or inserts, outdoor linear fireplaces have filled a niche that could hardly find competition from other models. In outdoor gathering spaces, linear fireplaces offer an enhanced profile that is more conducive to central gathering, as the effective surface area around the space is maximized, indeed doubled on two sides where would otherwise be a ring or one front. Moreover, since their primary function is not to serve heat, this sacrifice is well made to maximize the area and the ambience offered by the design.

What they offer in addition to their inherent atmospheric enhancement in most instances are a host of customizations and configurations that can be tweaked to best suit the needs of a gathering, whether in terms of brightness, color, and height of the flames for warmth. In many ways outdoor linear fireplaces are the ultimate fireplace for setting a mood or tuning a situation because they offer so much in the way of light, color, and sometimes even sound that can be tweaked at the push of a button. You’ll find a host of great manufacturers bragging an even more impressive host of features ready to be leveraged at social events of all natures.

From Napoleon, Empire Boulevard, Dimplex and more, you’ll have choices in aesthetics that range a wide spectrum. You’ll be able to choose a fireplace that offers you a range in brightness from the slightest glow for late evenings to high bright flames to set a scene alight. You’ll be able to customize the heat, brightness, in some cases even the color of the flames. Some manufacturers will enable you to operate under an LED simulation of fire, removing the need for maintenance and creating a perfectly safe imitation of fire for use as lighting with the added appeal of a crackling fire.

Whatever your reason for pursuing outdoor linear fireplaces, whether your purpose is for hosting or lighting or otherwise, your best source for linear fireplaces and all other fireplace related wares is Embers Living. With a team of professionals dedicated solely to guaranteeing the perfect customer experience and customer satisfaction, it’s near impossible to outdo Embers Living. Both for their unrivalled stock and for their guarantee to their customers, there nowhere else to find of the fireplaces, linear and otherwise, as well as the parts that support their use, than at Embers Living. When you’ve settled on a Napoleon or a Majestic, and have settled the features you want in terms of fuel, color, and fittings, a trip to will be well worth your time. There you will be able to connect with their staff and find the best product for your needs. Trust in them to bring you not only the ultimate product, but the ultimate experience and settings as well – they won’t disappoint.

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