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It can sometimes be tough to find knives that not only exhibit great quality but are aesthetically pleasing enough to incorporate into a collection. That being said, there are definitely some beautiful specimens on the market that are just as serviceable in a breast pocket as they are displayed in a case. When you’re shopping around for some knives that offer you the quality of components and construction that you can use in the camp or the home for light chores, but still want an artful design, one of the most respected knifemakers is Great Eastern Cutlery. Collectors, campers, hikers and those who just want to add a handsome pocket knife to their back pocket can appreciate many of the designs available in Great Eastern Cutlery Knives For Sale.

GEC knives are some beautiful specimens that also happen to offer a rare quality in their construction and design. Their pocket knives are perhaps best known for the fact that they feature 1095 carbon steel blades, one of the most popular steels for knives and tools. It offers great strength and good edge retention while still enabling the user to touch up the edge without too much difficulty. It’s a great steel for many knives, and in pocket sizes blades, an excellent option. The fit and finish on their knives are superb, showcasing careful workmanship, and the joints are tight.

Many folding knives among Great Eastern Cutlery Knives for sale are also very aesthetically pleasing. Many of their pocket knives offer nickel or brass bolsters that give their knives a whole new dimension of class. Some models feature shield inlays bearing their logo, and the scales of many models are a wonderful example of fine visual aesthetics. While some offer the user the practicality and durability of synthetics like micarta, in many more models you will find natural materials such as jigged bone, bocote wood, ebony, Sambar Stag l and more. Attractive, functional, practical, and built with quality materials that will last a lifetime with proper care, there’s a Great Eastern Cutlery knife for any taste in style.

Consider the Great Eastern Cutlery Tidioute #38 Special with one blade. Its blade profile is very much in the style of a toothpick, and the fine point is great for carving wood, opening letters and packages or dicing up a small meal. It offers many different options in scales, from jigged bone to bocote to micarta, so it’s not just a practical pocket knife, it’s handsome enough to keep in the pocket of your dress wear. That being said, it would be a great companion knife for carrying out camping or hiking.

The Great Eastern Cutlery #93 is another versatile and dapper looking blade that is as much a gentleman’s knife as a companion to a sailor or whittler. Its ram’s foot blade offers two great advantages in styling – there’s no prominent point to inadvertently stick into anything, and there’s great strength in the profile of this blade. As for the lack of a sharp point, this can be helpful when tasks require fine dexterity and a bit of protection from unnecessary punctures. Moreover, whittlers and carvers can appreciate the fact that a strong point can be leveraged to make precise incisions. Additionally, rounded bolsters and edges make it easy to slip into and retrieve from a pocket.

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