Find a Tasty Barbecue Chicken Dry Rub

When you go to a barbecue, you expect to have a variety of meats that are included as part of the usual fare. You expect a beef brisket. You expect pull pork. And you may expect there to be some form of barbecued chicken.

The best way to get a great flavor for your chicken is to find a Barbecue Chicken Dry Rub that enhances the flavor and keeps the natural flavor of the chicken present in every bite.

Good barbecue requires the right cooking process and you can get great chicken in many ways. One of the common ways chicken is prepared at a barbecue is simply by placing it on the grill.

When you think of grilling, you do think of chicken, but you also think of other backyard staples like burgers and hot dogs. Chicken takes longer to cook than these other summer classics, so you can easily leave your chicken under-cooked or leave it on the grill for too long. So patience is definitely needed and you need to know how to monitor your chicken as it cooks.

It’s important to remember that barbecue is a low and slow process, so even if you are using the grill, you are using low heat. You can also easily grill a chicken breast, but if you are including other parts of the chicken like wings, legs or thighs, you want to barbecue it and give it that low and slow cooking process.

Great barbecue chicken starts long before you ever place it on the grill. You want to find a delicious barbecue chicken dry rub that can be applied to help give you the best flavor. The barbecue spice blend for chicken from Casa M Spice CoⓇ, called Free RangeⓇ, contains a variety of ingredients that help to add many different flavor profiles to your chicken. Free RangeⓇ includes sugar, brown sugar and additional spices that are added to Chain ReactionⓇ, the original spice blend from Casa M Spice CoⓇ that includes paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and ground chiles. It is a spice blend that tastes great on chicken cooked in any way whether you prefer your chicken smoked, grilled, baked or roasted.

Like all of the spice blends from Casa M Spice CoⓇ, Free RangeⓇ is gluten-free, made with all-natural ingredients and contains low sodium so you can season to taste and add as much or little as you want. The barbecue chicken dry rub was made for charbroiled chicken quarters, boneless, skinless chicken breasts and helps to create a crunchy and crispy skin that is packed with flavor while also serving as a barrier that locks in all of the natural flavor of the meat. It tastes so good that you will be coming back for more every time.

You can get the Free RangeⓇ seasoning in various sizes ranging from a 10-ounce stainless steel shaker that looks great in any kitchen or grill to an 8-ounce plastic shaker or a one-cup replacement bag or a one-pound bulk bag.

Casa M Spice CoⓇ has created these spice blends over nearly two decades of experimentation, blending Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern influence together to create a unique flavor profile. These spice blends have been tested among family and friends at parties and gatherings and are now available for you to bring home to your families.

Casa M Spice CoⓇ is all about helping you get great flavor for great food and creating memories enjoying the delicious creations you make at your next barbecue. Create memories that last a lifetime as you gather with friends and family and enjoy the many delicious flavors that Casa M Spice CoⓇ has to offer.

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