Female Hair Transplant Cost

 “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a well-known proverb that we all believe in. What this proverb teachers us is that we cannot give one definition to beauty as the human nature indicates diversity in opinions and views. When talking about beauty as a standard however, we all agree that there are certain features, which a beautiful woman should possess and hair happens to be one of them.

Significance of Hair for Women

When speaking of hair as an integral part of a women’s character, there comes to mind the fact that hair is more important for women than men. For all of us, it sounds natural and very common to see a bald man but not a woman. In this manner, many females today believe that a bad hair means a bad life: when a woman’s hair is thin, weak, frizzy or falling out, her character is seriously affected.

Within this relationship between hair and character, hair has always been a symbol of femininity, identity, beauty and freedom.

Women and Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss (baldness) then you must have been suffering in silence and probably have tried many times to hide it by altering your hairstyle or by wearing a cap. Although this may seem to work socially, hair loss is a problem that affects your sensuality, and how you feel about yourself.

With 5% of women being affected under the age of 30 and 60% above 70, hair loss turned to become a ghost that scares women all over the world.

The Best Solution to Hair Loss

With the increasing number of hair loss victims worldwide, scientists have focused their efforts to develop solutions to this problem and that resulted into a wide range of solutions including tropical creams and medications. Although seemed effective at glance, such solutions are deemed temporary and hair goes back to falling once you stop consuming them.

Scientists on the way recognized this fact and they focused their efforts again on developing a natural solution that would last forever and that remained a dream until the first hair transplant surgery took place in the mid of 1950s.

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Why Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that aims to correct the problems caused by hair loss through applying a 100% natural process. In the past few years, the procedure has gained an enormous popularity worldwide resulting into an independent market known as the hair transplant market. The results of this procedure is entirely natural and hair grows with the same characteristics of the original one.

How is Hair Transplant Performed?

With this cosmetic solution, the surgeon starts with the evaluation phase through which the surgeon examines the woman’s scalp in order to determine the number of follicles needed to cover the bald areas. During this phase, the surgeon asks the patient several questions to figure out whether the woman qualifies for the procedure or not and to know her expectations and desired density of hair.

After that, the implementation phase takes place in which the surgeon starts by extracting hair from healthy areas of the scalp (donor area) and puts them into a chemical solution to preserve them for transplantation. Later one, the surgeon makes small tiny incisions in the areas suffering baldness (receiving areas) and implants the follicles inside them.

The entire procedure takes about 5-8 hours and is carried under local anesthesia. After that, the transplanted hair takes around a year to fully grow into natural hair that lasts forever.

Turkey- The Top Detonation for Hair Transplant

 Female hair transplant Turkey today is recognized as the number one solution worldwide to overcome hair loss. The domination of Turkey came as a result of the excellent services provided by the hair transplant market there that involves highly experienced and trained surgeons. Additionally, female hair transplant cost in Turkey is so affordable compared to other countries such as the USA and Britain. This way, the same procedure that costs $8000 abroad could be offered for only $2500 in Turkey with even better quality. This considerable variation in price with incomparable quality has made female hair transplant Turkey the most favorable solution for women in all over the world.

Turkey- Tips for a Better Female Hair Transplant Experience

When considering a hair transplant procedure in Turkey, you should remember that the growing market there has resulted into creating many clinics that perform throughout the country. Because of that, there appears clinics which work based on a business perspective with less medical awareness. In this manner, female hair transplant cost should only be one factor to consider and not build your decision entirely based on the cost. For that, we recommend you to spend more time searching for the best clinic out there and seek help from all available sources including the internet and previous cases that underwent the procedure in Turkey.

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