Exploring Different Types of Dunlop Car Tyres

Dunlop is a British manufacturer founded in 1889 by Harvey du Cros and he involved John Boyd Dunlop who re-invented the first pneumatic tyre. They are known for their premium ultra-high-performance car and motorcycle tyres.

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Before you go for Dunlop car tyres you need to know there are multiple car tyres offered by Dunlop for different usage, some of those car tyres are mentioned below:

Types of Dunlop Car Tyres

These three types of car tyres are offered by Dunlop.

  • Summer Car Tyres
  • Winter Car Tyres
  • All-season Tyres

Dunlop Summer Car Tyres

1. SP Sport 300

It has low rolling resistance which means it requires less energy to roll. Fuel efficiency is rated from A being the highest to E being the lowest. These tyres are rated C in the fuel efficiency category.

It has better traction on wet surfaces and gets a C rating in grip in wet conditions. These tyres produce less noise and are rated B in the noise category. Noise class is classified from A being the quietest to C being the loudest.

2. SP Sport Fast Response

It has better responsive handling on wet and dry roads. It offers precise steering control in cornering. The tread compound is made to minimize energy loss and wear which leads to a long-lasting tyre that saves fuel consumption.

It has wide grooves that rapidly drain water in rainy weather, reducing the risk of skitting. The tread compound has high amounts of silica which increases grip on wet roads, resulting in shorter braking distances.

3. Sport BluResponse

It has an aerodynamic shape and low-heat compound which reduces rolling resistance by 30% compared to its competitor tyres. These tyres have short braking blocks which helps to reduce braking distances on dry and wet roads. They are born for high-performance driving and with extra-stiff blocks, they increase road contact under braking force.

It has a polymer compound to give you better traction and handling in wet conditions. The large central grooves in the tread help to drain water quickly which reduces the risk of skitting. The closed shoulder grooves reduce noise to get a quieter and more comfortable ride.

4. SP Sport Maxx

These tyres have rubber compound which delivers an extra grip on both dry and wet roads. By using these tyres you feel more response when accelerating and reduce braking distance. The tyre compound is more durable and has long wear which increases mileage.

It gives smooth and precise handling even at high speeds because of the stable centre design. The tread pattern helps to minimise the noise and feel quieter giving you a comfortable ride.

The pressure is evenly distributed across the tyre, putting more rubber in contact with the road surface. You may feel a smooth transition from a straight line to a curve, giving you more time to respond when needed.

It has a special tread which ejects water rapidly from under the tyre footprint, reducing the risk of skitting on rain-soaked roads.

Note- There are more options in Dunlop summer tyres, you can visit the official website to know more.

Dunlop Winter Car Tyres

1. Winter Response 2

These tyres offer better handling and braking in all winter conditions. It has Dunlop’s innovative reverse snow guide block pattern that captures snow in the centreline of the tyre tread to increase the contact area, which gives more grip when accelerating and braking on roads.

It has an optimised shape carcass construction which results in less deformation in comparison to a standard tyre, for less fuel consumption and improved rolling resistance.

2. Winter Sport 5

These tyres have angled centre sipes that increase the length and give the ability to open and grab onto surfaces. It maintains excellent lateral grip on wet and slippery surfaces. The deeper grooves in the tyre tread, help to through larger quantities of slush and water. It reduces the risk of hydroplaning and maintains traction on wet and slushy roads.

It has a larger number of blocks which gives you additional edges in contact with the road’s surface. It offers superior traction and performance on wet and snow surfaces.

3. SP WinterSport 3D

These tyres are designed to handle every kind of winter condition because it has three different sipes positioned on specific parts of the tyres.

It has a special silica compound which is flexible at low temperatures to give you a much better grip on wet and dry road conditions. The pressure is evenly distributed in a wide contact patch which helps to maintain road adherence.

The directional grooves help to quickly drain water and increase aquaplaning resistance. It has Dunlop Touch Technology which gives you better control and handling. It has an interlocking 3D sipe which creates a strong shoulder area and improves stability and handling on dry roads.


There are different types of Dunlop car tyres available in the market each has its features and usage. If you choose your specific tyres according to usage and want to get Dunlop tyres in Great Yarmouth then we can help you get your specific car tyres. We are known for offering the best Car Tyres Great Yarmouth at competitive prices.