Explained: Why You Have Been Storing Your Seasonal Tyres Incorrectly?

One knows the hassle of storing things that are not in use anymore or for the time being can be so much difficult. Moreover, if the same are not stored the right way, the quality deteriorates and they become as good as nothing. If you live in temperate weather conditions and have to change your lifestyle come every season, you would know the headache that comes from storage and having to create space for the same. The same goes for your cars, because of the striking difference in weather that reflects on the surface of the roads, one cannot keep using the Tyres Worthing they would generally use in each season. Different tyres for each season can very easily become a given if one lives in such unpredictable weather conditions.

Now, if were to talk about the headache that comes from finding ideas on how to suitably store their tyres, it can become a very long list. Needless to say, if you are someone who owns more than one set of tyres, you need to understand how to preserve the same tyres for the next season as nobody likes to spend money on tyres every season. In order to preserve your tyres, you need to employ a few care tips and tricks as it is very easy for your tyres to bear the brunt of the differentiation of weathers and be rendered useless by the time the next season comes.

Firstly, one must understand that storing tyres for an excruciatingly long amount of time makes them useless. Furthermore, if these tyres are not stored in ideal and favourable conditions, they can become useless because the damage inflicted upon them would be irreversible. Therefore, if you are using two sets of Continental Tyres Worthing, it is important to protect them correctly throughout the period where they are stored.

a. Exposing your tyres to sunlight is a big no as the rubber of the tyres can suffer a lot owing to the ozone that is supplied in addition to the sunlight. The rubber of the tyres can very easily undergo a corrosive effect if it comes in contact with ozone for a continued duration. Therefore, one must make sure that their tyres are not left in sunlight but should also not be stored in temperatures that are on the lower side as that too, can inflict some damage.

b. When storing tyres, be sure to uphold them in an upright position so that no serious deformation can happen to them, even if they are to be stored for an extensive period of time. This practice will make the process of mounting the tyres on the wheel easy as well.

C. If possible one should not remove the tyres from the wheel and should store them whilst they are mounted on the wheel. This not only delays but prevents the possibility of deformation. This way, one can store their tyres without much worry. However, if you happen to undertake this process, one needs an extra set of wheels to hang and another to be put on their vehicle.

d. It is common for your tyres to collect all sorts of waste when they are being driven on roads, therefore, it is important to have them cleaned before they are stored. This is something that most people forget about. However, it is to be noted that if this process is skipped, the settled dust, grime and dirt can cause extensive damage to your tyres and even the rubber of your tyres.

e. One should also make sure that post the cleaning of their tyres, they should be stored in plastic bags that are airtight. This is important because your tyres should ideally not come in contact with a lot of air when they are in storage as it can have a negative effect. Most people even use a vacuum to suck any remaining air out of the bags, this ensures that your tyres can be stored and have a longer shelf duration for the compounds within the tyres are protected.

f. Lastly, one must make sure that the area within which they are storing their tyres is cool and dry, if the area is exposed to sunlight or is extremely cold, it will not do the tyres Worthing any good. Ideally, a garage or a workshop works better than storing the tyres in the attic for these places can tend to get hot and humid.


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