Experience the Ease of Thread Milling with Solid Carbide

Thread milling is a crucial aspect of machining parts. If you need your workpiece to accept threaded parts you used to have to be done with thread taps, but precise milling devices have changed that practice in recent years. Thread milling is now a popular method for machining precise threads into metal using specialized end mills. Cutting into metals requires strong cutting tools and Thread Milling With Solid Carbide end mills will make the process of cutting threads much easier.

At Online Carbide, we specialize in producing the highest quality solid carbide thread mills to make the process of threading your workpiece simple. All of our cutting tools are made right here in the US using the same solid carbide stock as industry leaders. Using robot fed 5 axis CNC grinders, each of our end mills is made with extreme precision. We offer both single pitch and fill form thread mills, with each variety offering their own strengths depending on your needs.

Our single pitch mills are a great option for cutting internal threads. Each of these mills features a single V-shaped cutting head for cutting the course of the threading a single rotation at a time. These single pitch mills are also perfect for cutting large external threaded components and cutting asymmetrical threads. It’s also easy to cut differently pitched threads and even left and right-handed threads on one workpiece with a single tool. Because they only cut a single round at a time, these extremely versatile thread mills are sized based on the thread size and cutting depth.

Full form thread mills are another great option that can thread mill and chamfer with one tool. These thread mills differ from a single pitch mill in that they feature a full length of v notches. This allows them to fully thread your piece in one 360° cut. If the pitches on your threads are the same, you can use your full form thread mill to cut multiple thread sizes. Because these end mills cut the entire threading surface as one, the sizing is based on the type of thread spacing you need. We offer our full form thread mills in sizes for unified thread standard, metric, national pipe taper, and national pipe taper for fuel sizes.

To ensure a long tool life for your thread mills, we coat each of our thread cutting tools with a titanium aluminum nitride coating. This coating is an ideal solution for extending the lifespan of cutting tools that are regularly exposed to high heat. This coating not only will help keep cutting edges sharp but will actually form a protective coating of aluminum oxide once it reaches high temperatures. This Al2O3 layer has a low thermal conductivity, helping to deflect head from cutting into the chips instead of to the tool. This allows you to run your tools at higher speeds without having to worry about overheating.

If you need to machine threads into parts, get great results and long tool life by thread milling with solid carbide. Our quality thread mills make threading your parts quick and easy, and we offer all of our end mills at manufacturer direct pricing. By avoiding the middlemen, you can get the same level of quality end mills that you would expect from industry leaders without the mark up from buying in stores. If you’re ready to save on thread mills, or any other end mills, that will cut precisely and last, it’s time to visit Online Carbide.

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