Experience the Benefits of UpLULA Magazine Loaders

While we all love going to the range, preparing for the range is never a fun task. Empty magazines need to be refilled and the process can leave you with sore thumbs and fingers. Luckily Maglula is here to help make the process easier so we can all get back on the range faster. With products like the UpLULA magazine loader and the Maglula Benchloader, it’s never been easier to cut down your reload times and get back on the range with your hands and magazines intact.

The issue with reloading is it is both monotonous and often frustrating. Reloading several magazines at once can leave your hands sore and even cut. Spilled rounds, strained feed lips, and dropped magazines can all add to this frustration. Maglula’s reloading tools are designed to work with your mags to prevent accidental damage and cut down the reload time significantly.

One of Maglula’s most popular products is the UpLULA magazine loader. This pocket-sized universal pistol magazine loader is a must-have accessory for any pistol owner. The UpLULA can load virtually all pistol ammo including 9mm Luger, .357 Sig, 10mm, and .45 ACP. Whether you use single stack or double stack magazines, this military-grade pocket-size universal loader will cut your reload time down to nearly ⅓ the time of handloading.

The UpLULA fits any pistol magazine without the need for spacers or adjustments. You simply fit the loader onto your magazine. To use the UpLULA you drop in your round, release the lever, lift the loader, depress the lever, and push down to load the round. This entire process takes seconds and will allow you to quickly fill all your pistol mags in no time. They also come in six gorgeous color options so you can find the perfect option for your style.

If you also shoot rifles, Maglulas Benchloader is a must-have accessory. These amazing magazine loading tools can load 30 rounds of 5.56 NATO in seconds. To use the Maglula Benchloader, you simply line up your ammo, attach the feed lips of your magazine to the reloader, and then you can completely fill the magazine with one smooth motion. The process of laying the ammo in the Benchloader is the most time-consuming step of the reloading process and is still considerably easier than pushing each round directly into your magazine.

These Maglula loaders not only cut down on reload time, but they can also extend the life of your magazines. Rough reloading and accidental drops can damage the feed lips on your mags. A magazine without properly aligned feed lips will not interact with your gun properly, opening you up to many potential loading issues. Maglula’s products will keep your feed lips secure while you are reloading so you will not have to worry about potential magazine failure while you are shooting.

If you want to simplify your reloading process and get back on the range faster, check out all of Maglula’s magazine loader and unloader tools at White Knight Supply. They are a perfect place to find an UpLULA magazine loader, Benchloader, or any of Maglula’s other amazing products. White Knight Supply not only offers amazing prices on all of their products, but they also offer fast free shipping on all orders. So pay them a visit today and start saving your fingers and magazines with these amazing Maglula tools. If you have any questions about the mag loaders or any of the other products at White Knight Supply, you can reach out to their team at sales@whiteknightsupply.com.

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