EWCS Wire Offers 600 Volt Wire And Cable For Many Jobs

EWCS Wire offers quite a range of wire and cable in many forms and ratings intended for many uses. From individually tinned, highly flexible marine cables to tray cables and alarm cables, EWCS Wire is a trustworthy source for wiring jobs requiring a diverse range of products and specifications, and they aim to supply the highest quality electrical wire and cable and most responsive customer service in their industry. Among the cables and wire EWCS Wire offers for industrial, marine, commercial and other settings are 600-Volt Wire. Applicable in quite a range of settings, here is a quick view at some of the 600-volt wire offered by EWCS Wire.

One of the basic offerings in 600-volt wire that you will find at EWCS Wire is their stranded THHN wire that comes in a prefabricated package of 100 feet. You can find this wire available in 2, 4 and 6 AWG and in a wide range of colors including but not limited to black, white, red green and blue. This can be very useful in helping to keep wires used in different circuits and different jobs separate from each other and can help make work a bit easier. Every set of wire in this class features nylon coated thermoplastic insulation to help make them resistant to oil and gas, and they are also high-heat resistant. They are UL listed and practical for power and lighting in many settings in conduit. These wires are also National Electric Code approved for new construction, remodeling or repairs.

Among their other copper cables and wire rated to 600 volts is their line of 3 Conductors with Ground VNTC which EWCS offers in AWC from 12 to 4/0. They are widely used as tray cables as well as in conduits and are approved for direct burial. They feature THHN stranded inner conductors and are available at EWCS Wire in standard lengths of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 feet, though EWCS will cut them to size at your request.

You can also find 600-volt rated 3 Conductor with Ground Teck available in 10 to 14 AWG. This is a line of armored cable that is intended for use in heavy industrial settings like mining and agricultural environments. It’s a durable long-lasting cable with cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) and protected by an inner PVC jacket, armored with aluminum or galvanized steel, and another PVC Jacket. As it is intended to be utilized in fairly harsh environments, it is chemical and sunlight resistant to add to its longevity. Like the above series of 3 Conductors, it is available in standard lengths of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 feet.

These are only a very few of the 600-volt rated wire that you can find in stock at EWCS Wire. Many of the wire offerings are specialized for use with particular equipment or in specialized settings, as are some of the above offerings. Among some of the other 600-volt wire offerings available at EWCS are twisted pump cables, flexible power cables, submersible pump cables and a wide range of tray cables.

Regardless of the 600-volt wire you’re looking for, take a look at what you can find on their site at EWCSWire.com. You’ll find these options and much more waiting for you, and if you’re not sure exactly what you need or would like some more information on their products, they’re easy and quick to reach. You can chat with them right on their site for helpful and informative advice, call them at 800-262-1598 or message them at Sales@EWCSWire.com. Their customer service is fast and reliable, so if you need some information on electrical wire or cable, contact them today.

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