Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrows have the power to define someone’s personality to a certain extent. A well-defined eyebrow helps to enhance and beautify facial features. There was a time when most people were obsessed with very thin eyebrows. However, people are now drawn more towards thicker brows with development and fashion changes. However, the new trend is to get thick eyebrows. But several people are challenged with inborn thinner brows. A definite procedure that can help to value this property is undergoing an eyebrow transplant. This article explores everything you ever need to know about the procedure before investing in it.

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Proven advantages of eyebrow transplant 

Physiological functions

Eyebrows generally have a very special role to play in everyone’s life. Indeed, you don’t need eyebrows for essential needs, but they truly have some useful physiological purpose to perform. The exact shape and location of the eyebrows serve as protection against the eyes. Eyebrows help protect your eyes from excess sweat, dust, and debris.

Expression of emotions

Humans are entirely dependent on emotional values and are explored maximum through communication. Eyebrows help interact with these emotions by playing a significant role in facilitating them. You might be thinking that mostly your shared feelings are expressed through the expression of your eyes. But eyebrows here play a crucial role in defining these expressions.

When should you go for an eyebrow transplant?

Several reasons increase the issue of thinning of brows. Among the several reasons, the most common is age, alopecia, traumatic encounters, and cosmetic routines. If you face a loss of eyebrows due to these reasons, you are an ideal candidate for eyebrow translation. In most cases, an eyebrow transplant can reverse hair loss. However, each patent is different; this is why a proper consultation with the doctor is necessary before you decide upon it.

DHI Method For Eyebrow Transplantation

Among the various types of hair transplant processes, the eyebrow is one of the most demanding ones in the current times. The main thing considered in eyebrow transplants is that an actual natural-looking appearance is achieved. To ensure this, the direction and angle of the transplanted grafts need proper monitoring. The best way to get the eyebrow transplant done is by following the DHI method. This method enables better meticulous transplantation and can blend well with the existing hairs. Although other methods are available like FUE, DHI is surely the best for its sufficient precision and value.

Four-Step Process Of Eyebrow Transplantation

The entire process of eyebrow transplant is mostly organized based on the exact need of the patient. Regarding the aesthetic concerns, the main priority is focussed on the eyebrow transplantation type and patient preference.

The translation of the eyebrow usually requires an average amount of 200-300 grafts of hair. The process entirely takes a time value of about 2-3 hours to get completed. The four major stages in the DHI method are:


In the first step, the exact design of the eyebrow will be effectively determined during the physical examination. In this stage, the expert develops an operational plan and considers the patient’s facial needs. In this stage, the doctor will properly assess both the donor and the recipient area of the patient effectively.

Extraction of grafts:

This is exactly the very first phase of the operation itself. Patients with long hair often are helped through the unshaven method of grafting. In this case, a very small number of grafts are required to complete the process. Harvesting of grafts through the unshaven method usually requires a very small area from the back of the head for shaving. During the exaggeration also, only single hairs are harvested. Before the extraction process starts, local anaesthesia will also be provided to each patient.


Once the extraction is properly completed, the recipient area needs proper anaesthesia locally. Next, the Choi/DHI implanter pen is used to transport the hair follicles through accurate angles and precision.

Recovery And Follow Up:

After the DHI eyebrow transplantation is effectively completed, a follow-up appointment is also necessary. In this appointment, the doctor will assess the need for any variation and help and advice based on that.

So now, you are completely aware of the DHI method of eyebrow transplantation. Thereby, get your appointment and make your eyebrows stand out from the rest.

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