Everything You Need to Know About Car Service and Its Types

Every machine requires a regular health checkup. Likewise, a car needs certain maintenance checkups at fixed time intervals. Yes, we are discussing car services here. Be a car or any other vehicle, it travels certain miles of distance over a certain time. During that period, a car goes through various small and big component failures. To rectify all the car issues and make the car healthy again, it is recommended to conduct timely maintenance checks that we are referring to as car services. These services must take place at set time intervals and during every year. The car service is often specified by the car manufacturer itself and the customer should follow that set schedule.

Services can include different activities such as replacing ageing parts and fluids. A thorough inside and out inspection is conducted to check if the key components are working or not. Some customers get confused and merge Car Service with MOT test. In actuality, car service Aberdeen is different from the MOT test which is a legal test to ensure vehicle safety based on certain test criteria laid by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Generally, there are three levels of car services: Interim, Full, and Major. However, when you will visit a garage or dealership, they may refer to any other name of the packages. Not to get confused as there are always three levels in the pricing structure. They just put their name stamp on it. A package includes everything with some extra features that depend upon your car type. The type of service you want depends on the distance your vehicle has covered in a year and the level of service you took previously.

Interim Car Service

Interim Car Service is an entry-level package, also referred to as ‘Basic’ or ‘Bronze’ service. Designed to serve the high-mileage drivers who cover about 20,000 miles or more in a year. This kind of service is meant for those who require more than one annual service. Such services include tyre change, oil change, internal inspection of the car components like lights and windscreen wipers. Other services included in this package are lubrication of all moving parts, engine check, brake check, fluid leaks check.

Full Car Service

Full Car Service also referred to as ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Silver’ service, can be taken every 12 months or 12,000 miles. That means you can take the full car service, either on the completion of 12 months or 12,000 miles. This package is meant for drivers covering lower annual mileages and need car servicing only once a year. This package covers a wide range of checks and replacements in addition to interim service checks like air filter change, fuel filter, spark plugs change, extensive brake inspection, etc.

Major Car Service

Major Car Service, known as ‘Master’ or ‘Gold’ service should opt every 24 months or 24,000 miles. Previously, if your last service type was a full service, then next you should take a major service. This one is the complete service package and includes everything from interim to the full-service package. Additionally, this package includes few part replacements that are usually recommended after every two years like brake fluid change and cabin filter replacement.

Final Thoughts

Now, some people may have thought that is car service a necessary thing? Well, it’s different from an MOT test. Car service does not count as a legal requirement. They just need to be practised to keep your car running in the best possible condition. The car performance deteriorates if you are not servicing it regularly. Customers may find it costly at the first glance, but it is necessary as a car maintenance activity. Here at Laws Tyres Aberdeen, you will find multiple service options for your car. You can pick any package based on the maintenance task required.

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