Erickson Beamon Earrings for Everyone

There is a reason why the ancient Greeks mainly wore their jewelry during special occasions. It is because jewelry represented class, beauty and wealth. Also, because it was so intricately crafted, only people of great importance were worthy to be in the presence of it. Even to this day, jewelry is still very revered, treasured and safeguarded. Some pieces are so highly regarded that they are only worn on rare occasions like anniversaries or birthday celebrations. Therefore, serving much more than the functionality of bedazzling a neck or garnishing a finger, but making such a bold statement that can make even the most ordinary outfit pop.

If you’re looking for jewelry that makes a bold statement, then look no further than It places the boldest and most impressive costume jewelry right at your fingertips. Just ask any stylist who could attest that a pair of earrings, such as the Erickson Beamon Earrings featured on the Love My Swag website, have the power to transform any look. Not only are these eye-catching chandelier earrings fashionable, but their decoration with Swarovski crystals would cause anyone who wears them to experience the glamorous feeling akin to a star on the red carpet. In fact, the earrings are so artfully handcrafted with colorful semi-precious stones set in gold or silver, they have also been worn by celebrities.

There are plenty of earrings to choose from when deciding which Erickson Beamon Earrings matches your individualistic style. For lovers of the pearl, the designer offers a one-of-a-kind designed clip-on pearl earring. It is called Till Death Do Us Part Clip, and it is bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.

Thinking about accessorizing your ensemble with emerald jewelry? Then the Safari Green Earrings are a great choice. They are not only handcrafted but display a variety of green shades that are reflected from their crystals.

Set in a rhodium plate, the Erdem Collaboration Earrings boast a rainbow of colors that appear to be trapped within their Swarovski crystals. These elaborate pieces measure an astounding three inches long and three-quarter inches wide. A night out should be planned carefully since these earrings are not for the faintest ear.

If you are into bling, then the Midnight Lace Earring will catch your eye. It is crafted out of rhodium and adorned in Swarovski crystals that are fashioned from black diamonds. Therefore, this jewel may just have to be reserved for special occasions.

The Girls on Film Earrings live up to their name since they are fit for a movie star. These dangling earrings are ornamented with sapphires and crystals and placed in a gold-plated setting.

Lastly, are the Lucy in the Sky Earrings. These appeal to those who are fans of hoops, but these earrings are unlike any other hoop earring. Dangling at approximately four inches, they offer a touch of sparkle with silver vermeil, Swarovski crystal, and sapphire crystal embellishments.

There is so much more of this jewelry brand to explore. Not only are they elegant, but the designers have created bold pieces that will never go out of style.

In addition to the Erickson Beamon Earrings, Love My Swag offers a plethora of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings as well as charms to match every jewelry connoisseur’s style – and they come in various metals and eclectic designs, too! You’ll find sterling silver crosses hanging from chains, birdcage-shaped earrings, and bangles adorned with Swarovski crystals. You’ll even find jewelry with religious-themed names.

The website does not shy away from catering to its male buyers as well. They can buy bracelets, watches, necklaces, and medallions uniquely created to bring their sartorial individualism to life.

Love My Swag features a myriad of exclusive designers whose unique jewelry are true statements of their craftsmanship. They are so beautiful and timeless, even the ancient Greeks would be in awe.

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