Ensure if any Hidden Cost is Taken for Insuring Registration Number

The attraction of having a private number plate on cars is an age-old fashion in the United Kingdom. The car owners prefer to go for the personal or customized number platealso called ‘vanity plates’, and are in great demand among all ages. In earlier times, people would put these special number plates to look different from the rest on the road.

However, the rules and regulations over private number plates are little different in the United States of America as compared to the UK. In the US the number plates are more creative and innovative as compared to the UK where the registration of these number plates follows the conventional sort of alphanumeric format.

In the UK, the private number plate is issued by the Driver and Licensing Agency (DVLA), and the rule maintains a strict policy of turning down the application for personalized vanity plates if they carry slag or offensive words. Numerous professionals are ready to help you. All you are required to do is to get a number plate having the specific date registered from the DVLA and get it fixed to your car. However, if you are considering shifting to a private number plate then you must have a proper insurance policy to be on the safe side. These vanity plates originally started by private dealers who found the selling of numbers as a profitable business.

Inform DVLA about insurance of registration number:

Once you have ensured the private registration number with a potential insurance company, you are required to inform the DVLA to avoid any complications as it would be a nightmarish experience to prove the vehicle is insured in case of a theft or an accident. Theoretically speaking, average insurers will not look at the change concerning a private number plate as a modification of the vehicle. Hence, you should not see any change in terms of the cost of car insurance. However, ensure the costing part as every individual insurance company will have their respective way of working that also includes the hidden cost if any.

Find a reliable insurance company:

On average, change of registration number plate is not looked upon as a modification rather it’s a mere means of identification. Therefore, there should not be any extra cost charged from you. However, respective insurance has a set of norms. The company you have opted may have a hidden cost. It is always advisable to discuss these points before doing the deal. Buying a personal number plate is a special deal and it comes with an amount, hence some of the insurance companies may try to extract money from you. You should find out the most reliable insurance company operating in the market and has a good reputation for such work.

An admin fee may be charged:

This is a possibility. It depends upon the insurance companies when it comes to the matter of the admin of the change of registration number. Companies may charge an admin fee for the changing of details in the data and update it on the computer. However, with around £11 million spent in a year on private registration numbers as recently as 2017, they may argue this amounts to a lot of extra admin.

Check your existing policy:

The insurance company can take over the ownership or claim the vehicle in case the private number plate is written off or stolen. Ensure the number plate is there while applying for a claim. However, inform the insurance company immediately if the number plate is stolen or damaged to an extent that the numbers are not legible.

However, in case your customized number plate is stolen or damaged and you need to stake a claim. You can ask the insurance company to provide you with a letter of non-interest in the license plate to the DVLA to allow you to reclaim the registration. By doing this, you, on one hand, are entitled to the claim, and on the other, initially let them know of your newly purchased private registration as a precaution against any future issues.

Buying a private number plate is not that difficult, but you should be careful and protect the registration number plate. The best way to do this is to get the number insured and inform the DVLA for records. In case of any write-off or theft of the vehicle, remember to inform the insurance company without delay.

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