Enhancing Your Design Aesthetic with a Meira T Necklace

There are few better ways you could do yourself justice than with the decoration of a handsomely selected Meira T Necklace. The fruits of many years of cosmopolitan travel and keen attention to detail are well exemplified in the designs of Meira T, and some of her necklaces show this off better than all of the rest of her jewelry.

Natural Inspiration

Although Meira Tugendhaft has traveled the world and seen the sights and heard the sounds of culture, some of her greatest inspiration comes from the beauty of the natural world. Whether it is in the form of the likeness of a celestial body or just the whimsical representation of the denizens of the woods, the natural world has deeply colored her penchant for design.

Investigate any collection of Meira T jewelry and you will find necklaces and other creations that are charmed with a recreation of the sun, moon, and stars. Fascinatingly enough, many of these are very different from each other, throwing into relief the idea that life imitates art.

In addition to designs like these, you can find colorful recreations of leaves and other natural elements, somewhat incongruously worked into the designs of her necklaces and other jewelry, leaving no doubt as to the source of her inspiration.

Cultural Inspiration

In addition to her love of the beauty of the natural world, Meira T has taken great pains to distill the allure of culture into each and every one of her designs.

A Meira T necklace might recreate a symbol from the city or an element from cultural history that many would cherish highly and make a most esteemed part of their collection. In a catalog containing her designs, you will most surely come across emotionally charged patterns and symbols.

Sometimes the effect in her jewelry is insinuated through the placement of the right symbol like a cross or heart, whereas other times the remark is made more abruptly. Among the more commanding of her pieces is a necklace on which the command “wish” is stamped beautifully couched among gold and diamonds.

It might be a command, but the import has somewhat of more gentle overtones. These are some more of the things you can expect from a Meira T necklace.

Add in a Touch of Character

She also never fails to add in a unique touch of character, which can possibly be seen most pointedly from some of her colored gemstones. The pendants she crafts from many of these and sets at the center of her necklaces are some of the most characteristic designs she has produced.

Look at nearly any of the pendants in a collection of her jewelry and you will see a representation of the following effect. Her designs are created, polished, and nearly finished as an effigy of perfect, yet they never quite reach it. She intentionally leaves some unfinished edge or cut on each piece, or allows the spirit of asymmetry to haunt the article so that it can captivate and then direct your attention.

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If these fascinating observations about Meira T jewelry are enticing to you, then you should no doubt carve out some space in your collection for a Meira T necklace or two of your own.

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