6 Amazing ways to Embed Twitter feed on your website

Did you know you can embed Twitter on the website not only by a single method but through multiple ways according to your convenience? Even Twitter itself provides a feature to embed Twitter feed on your website.

Embedding Twitter feed on your website, undoubtedly, is a great move to show off your business’s social proof, its wide reach and suitability to your website visitors. It makes the website visually appealing and acts as a means of engagement for the users too.

If you want to embed a tweet with the help of Twitter,  all you have to do is open the tweet you want to embed. Click on the tweet and you will find an embed option. Choose the embed option and there will be displayed a link thereafter. Copy that click and paste in the backend of your website link. And you are done!

But, if you don’t want to embed tweets individually, here is how you can use social media aggregator tools like Taggbox to embed multiple tweets at the same time on your website.

 Taggbox is a social media aggregator tools that can let you embed Twitter feed on your website in real-time. If you don’t want your visitors to miss out on any of your tweets, it moderates all the relevant tweets for you to be displayed on the website. 

It can create a Twitter feed with the help of hashtags, usernames, tweets you added to favourites, lists etc. It also personalizes your feed and how you want it to display on your website. Using it does not require any coding skills. All you have to do is just log in to your Taggbox account and follow a series of simple steps to embed your Twitter feed.

Even if you have an HTML website, WordPress or any other website building platform, it easily accompanies you in embedding your Twitter feed.

Different Ways to Embed Twitter Feeds on website

Heading on, here are some of the creative ways you can use embedded tweets to help your business grow. you may be missing out on all this time.

1. Customer testimonials

Embedding Twitter feed on the website containing UGC is like playing your ace card. UGC includes all those content that includes customer testimonials, feedback, reviews or is a result of any of your campaigns. These tweets are created by your users involving your twitter handle, the unique hashtag of your business or such. These tweets are prized possessions for any business and should be saved in favourites. Once added to favourite tweets, you can embed on the website under new testimonial pages and provide your visitor’s the needed social proof of your business.

2. Supporting statements tweets

With so many strategies undertaken people even resort to creating fake reviews and add the same on the website. 

To make sure your website visitors do not regard your original reviews and feedback to be fake, embedding Tweets make content realistic and reliable. Adding tweets about your company, for instance, quoting a tweet of a reputed person will provide greater leverage to your business and will increase the authenticity of your brand.

Don’t miss out on reputed tweets to be embedded on your website. You can even highlight them for providing greater focus.

3. Embed retweets of your media

Whatever content your content creators create, be it blogs, videos or texts, make sure you don’t directly post them on your webpage. Post the content on Twitter first and then embed the retweeted media on your website for influencing your audience better. Doing this can make your content go viral on Twitter when your audience will retweet it further. At the same time, when retweeted feed is embedded on a website, visitors will be more interested and will be engaged with it better.

4. Add tweet chats

Embedding twitter feeds also implies embedding Twitter chats on your website. Did you ever think of that? Users are likely to be more interested in reading twitter chats initiated through hashtags or comments. Embedding Twitter chats make the website highly engaging and is known to direct traffic to your website. Thus, more dwelling time and greater conversion rates.

5. Create Twitter engagement for your blogs

Now, that you have started posting your blogs on Twitter too, search for the Twitter URL of your blog post. Embed this Twitter blog post feed URL somewhere in between your other blog post. Now, you need to make your users share it as a Twitter post by clicking on the area, compose it as a new tweet, add their comments and blog post link and share it on Twitter. 

This will increase the exposure of your blog post on Twitter and will increase the chances of it being retweeted. More the retweets, the merrier!

6. Promote your twitter wall

You have started adding twitter feed on your website but does your audience knows about it? Let them know how they can access your twitter feed through the website itself by sharing your embeddable tweet widget on Twitter status. Know the opinion of your audience about the same through comments on the posts and act accordingly.

 In case, you have already embedded tweets on your website and do not know how to make the best use of them, we are sure these 6 ways will help your business.