Eagle Chain creates a new ecological currency – a new direction for the application of Blockchain public chains

What is the meaning of the real circulation of blockchain technology, and what is the inner core motivation?

Why Ethereum can soar from $0.3 to $1,400 is because of “sharing”. which is hailed as the “first year of the public chain”, and hundreds of chains will be launched in 2019. The business looks forward to the innovation of the underlying technology  to promote the iteration and development of blockchain technology.

Eagle coin is the combination of Eagle public chain plus application

The Eagle Coin project is an international Blockchain application Cryptocurrency project jointly created by Singapore Trans Reach International Pte.Ltd, Dubai Trans Reach International Invest And Financial LLC, Dubai Victory Equestrian Club, and three major international companies. The Eagle Coin project integrates gigantic resources, which purpose to issue a virtual currency ” Eagle Coin” that able to control investment risks globally to realize the appreciation of currency investment. Through the circulation of specific Internet trading platforms, the diversified liquidity characteristics of currency investment can be used to achieve high-efficiency and high-yield returns on capital. Simultaneously, it alleviate the capital requirements of enterprises in real scenarios. The release of the Eagle Coin project will achieve a win-win situation for investors, Internet investment platforms, and physical companies.

Eagle Coin has a self-developed public chain system that does not rely on other publicchains. The Eagle Coin public chain is organized by technical geeks and Blockchain experts from various countries to lay the basic logic of public chain operation. Cross-chain technology, expansion agreement and extremely fast tens of millions of TPS solutions. Application-level smart contracts and various chain business system agreements. To ensure the operability and scalability of the public chain.


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