Drop Earrings – The Statement Earring

Contemporary drop earrings combine classic elegance and modern lines as their movements draw the eye and accentuate the fire of each brilliant stone.

Contemporary drop earrings are reimagining timeless style with exceptional quality.

We have adorned our bodies with jewellery for centuries and earrings have always been a favourite choice to accentuate the face, complement intricate hair designs and draw the eye to the sweeping lines of the neck. As diamond and precious stone cutting was further fine-tuned, so more sources of precious metals were found and earrings and other jewellery became even more intricate. Artisans evolved their skills for sculpting beautiful scarce metals and wrapping them around precious stones to bring forth designs of timeless elegance and allure.

Modern drop earrings now come in a profusion of designs, each making a clear statement for the wearer. The best of those showcasing the beauty of the precious stones, lovingly embraced within the unique designs of the jeweller who created them, as they accentuate the natural beauty of the head they adorn.

Classic drop earrings have been given modern updates recently, using a variety of contemporary shaped gems such as bullet and pave alongside the timeless pear shape found in so many elegant designs. With glowing precious metals such as classic yellow gold through shades of white and rose then on to the brilliance of platinum, contemporary drop earrings can be sourced to complement and enhance any outfit, classic or modern.

A range of styles makes contemporary drop earrings the perfect choice

Whilst the classic cluster drop earring will never go out of style and offers an opportunity to showcase the beauty and brilliance of the central stone, whatever dazzling colour that may be, contemporary drop earrings now also offer a plethora of shapes and styles.

Not content with the timeless styles available, jewellery designers have been bringing new and creative designs to life to dazzle and surprise jewellery lovers. Creating intricate, finely woven chains of precious metals with pearls and other gems carefully enclosed at the end in delicate fixings, they can sway gently with the slightest tilt of a head scattering light brilliantly during the day and glowing seductively in the soft light of the evening.

Cleverly designed clips circle back to keep your beautiful investment even safer upon your ear whilst creating innovative and modern styles from precious metals that complement the inset stones. Tapering teardrop shapes that glide smoothly through the ear into an elegant hook form are balanced in perfect equilibrium against the curve of the neck, accentuating the natural sweeping lines of a fine decolletage.

Even dazzling elongated star shapes that capture the twinkling brilliance of the North Star can be incorporated into modern stylish drop earrings, allowing the wearer to dazzle and shine on any given night, no matter the weather.

Jewellery as beautiful art but also an heirloom investment

When jewellers use the finest of precious metals alongside the highest quality clarity, colour, cut and weight stones, then truly breathtaking drop earring are brought to life. The skill of these master craftsmen and women shines out from their beautiful creations and can easily be seen and admired by anyone in the company of the wearer. The wearer can confidently allow these statement earrings to convey their message whilst also complementing their chosen ensemble. When such passion, attention to detail and skill have been coupled with stones chosen for their brilliance and colour, then true art is created. To be the wearer of this art is a rare gift that one can bestow upon themselves or someone they love.

Whilst no investment can ever truly be bulletproof to the vagaries of international commerce and politics, precious metals and stones have historically always been sought out in times of economic instability as a more balanced investment. High-quality drop earrings that incorporate precious metals and stones have an intrinsic value from their composite parts alone. So when coupled with the renown, skill and prestige of the designer and artisan who shaped their exquisiteness into life, this value is magnified.

The choice for timeless elegance and dazzling impact

Those with an eye for design, who can spot exceptional artisanal skills, are choosing contemporary drop earrings as statement pieces that offer luxury and beauty that speaks of the style of the wearer.

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