Driverless Trucks in the US: How Safe are They?

In today’s world, automatic cars are the talk of the town that demonstrates advanced technology built jointly by both technological and automotive companies such as Apple, Google, Aurora Innovation, Ford, Toyota, and a lot more. Billions of dollars are invested each year towards the advancement of driverless technology. Regardless of steady progress in the technical process, many people are worried about street protection while driverless vehicles are on the road, especially in terms of trucks that cause fatal accidents.

Autonomous Vehicle: Though self-directed vehicles are commercially unavailable in the present time; however, different automobile companies have exhibited models of self-driven trucks and cars over the last few years. Its auto-driven technology and sensors allow them to drive almost without human interface.

Automated cars are equipped with such robust sensors that help them sense all incoming and surrounding traffic. Using multiple sensors, these vehicles generate and update an internal map to perform their self-driven act. Some companies also use HD cameras, lasers, and radars to detect vehicles. The software processes the images, and the videos are captured by sensors that then design a path. This complete information is sent to the actuator, which is the control board of acceleration, steering, deceleration, and brake. The system has accident prevention and objects distinction algorithms that enable them to abide by road rules.

Safety of Driverless Trucks

Most of the trucking companies have announced their swing to driverless trucks. Advocates of auto-driven trucks are of the opinion that these vehicles would reduce accidents and congestion. On the contrary, a survey conducted does not support these entitlements.

  • Design Errors: In a report published by the National Transportation Safety Board, it is stated that restrictions in design have been the chief reason for collision for driverless trucks. It also mentions that the current technology used is not qualified enough to sense cars spinning into their way. But this software provides drivers to adopt preventive measures from rear-end crashes. Because of sensor error, uncountable fatal collisions take place.
  • Improper Infrastructure: The infrastructure of roads is not up to the mark to drive driverless trucks. To drive autonomous vehicles, smooth pathways and visibly painted roads are required to sensor the position and for a hassle-free drive. Ramshackle and potholes stance danger for autonomous vehicles.
  • Defective Safety Features: Auto-driven trucks are dependent on assistive technology to avoid accidents. Whereas, a survey conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that technologies like automated brakes, adaptive cruise control, and active lane guidance can be lethal without human involvement.
  • Unfettered Industry: Any automobile company can issue a self-driven vehicle by fudging accountability for design flaws or any other problems. At present, there is no perfect methodology to adopt safety measures for driverless trucks. This, in turn, can cause difficulty for a truck wreck attorney to prove the guilt of the driver or the trucking company while suing them in court for accidents.
  • Prone to Hacking: There is a massive risk of hacking these automated trucks as they are connected to the internet and are under the surveillance of hackers. While on the go, if a truck is hacked, the hacker can remotely access the control of the truck that may result in collisions. These trucks are also exposed to virus attacks or identity theft as they are connected with a smartphone via the car’s Bluetooth.
  • Software Malfunction: A defective software can lead to a crash for autonomous trucks. Since almost 40 to 100 computers control a driverless vehicle, a minute error in any of the system can result in an accident.

The ambiguity of Driverless Rigs

There is a huge controversy held in terms of safety of lives when automated trucks are driving around, at times they result in sensor failure, drifting off of the lane, decelerating or accelerating abruptly. Since no deadly crashes are yet reported for driverless trucks, it is presumed that if any mishap happens, the outcome would be grave. Truck accidents are more dangerous compared to any other vehicle collision, as they lead to temporary or permanent disability.

Only an experienced truck accident attorney can help a victim or his family to successfully lodge a complaint and sue the driver or trucking company for their merciless action. Get in touch with a certified attorney in case of a truck accident to ensure the receipt of correct compensation for the injuries and losses.