Dipak Nandi M.D: All about Revenue Cycle Management

Helping in staying financially healthy, revenue cycle management plays a vital role in being the backbone of the healthcare industry. Operating at the functional core of a health care organization, the revenue cycle management work not only ends with a seamless operational process but also proper awareness of changing rules and regulations along with new methods for reimbursement.

However, today with the rising health care costs, ever-changing billing regulations, and increasing wages; more than 80% of healthcare practices are seen considering outsourcing their complete revenue cycle management process to a thirty party; in order to focus more on patient care rather on the billing department.

Furthermore, reports have also shown that outsourcing their revenue cycle management had lead to financial and efficiency improvement within the first 90 days itself, while nearly 82% of health care practices have observed outsourcing their billing management lead to a 4% boost in projected revenue.

Helping healthcare practices with a seamless medical billing operation by taking care of all the billing, coding, and collection responsibilities and ensuring efficient cash flow, a proper revenue cycle management eliminating all the pain point focuses on reducing your operational cost and chances of errors and rejection of claims. Helping you focus on and providing optimum care to patients.

In fact, today reducing your overall cost outsourcing revenue cycle management is the answer for many health care practices in regaining lost claims, advancing health care financial operations as well as coding productivity.

Outsourcing your revenue cycle management not only helps you experience a seamless billing transaction and revenue generation but also assists you with better patients care management, is also the observation of  Dr. Dipak Nandi M.D a renowned physiologist and a pioneer in the field of healthcare outsourcing and telemedicine solution.

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