Do’s and Don’ts for Leaflet Distribution Marketing

Over the last decade, the marketing scenario has changed dramatically. An increase in the number and types of digital advertising and social media platforms available has led to some more traditional marketing methods being somewhat sidelined. But many of the more traditional methods of conveying a message to your prospects are still as relevant and effective as they have ever been. Leaflet distribution marketing is one such tactic which, done well, can be as effective as any digital campaign.

What is leaflet distribution marketing?

The clue is in the name really; put simply it is about transferring your message to a leaflet and handing it out. In real terms, however, there is a lot more to think about. How and where you plan to distribute your leaflets, for example – what size, shape, and message will best suit your audience. Like any marketing campaign, the devil is in the detail. Let’s take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts for leaflet distribution marketing.

Understand your audience

The starting point of any marketing campaign is to understand your audience and the same goes for leaflet distribution. Even brand new start-ups with no historical customer data to work with will still have a particular audience in mind. If you’re trying to target young, stay at home mums, for example, it’s no good handing your leaflets out on the tube in a rush hour. By its very nature, however, you will reach a variety of demographics during a leaflet distribution campaign, as you never know who you are going to meet.

Fine tune your message

Make sure your message is aligned to campaign objectives and try to ensure it’s succinct and to the point. Too much copy on a leaflet and people won’t bother reading it all and may well miss the key messages.

Location, location, location…

Distribution location will, of course, be linked to factors such as where your business is based and the target audience. Many national businesses consider major cities as the first point of call for leaflet distribution London, in particular, is very popular because of its dense population.

Find a reputable distribution partner

Choose a company to distribute your leaflets that can demonstrate its track record. Many companies specialise in this area of marketing and can help not only with the distribution but also the planning and execution to ensure you get the best return on investment. If you’re considering leaflet distribution London based Street PR have a wealth of experience.

Don’t forget a call to action

It sounds basic but it’s easy to get caught up with catchy straplines and dazzling design and forget the detail. A call to action aligned to your campaign objectives is the very cornerstone of success. If the purpose of your campaign is to increase followers on Facebook, don’t forget to include the page name. To drive website sales, include the website address.

Finally, at the end of the campaign, review results, refine the campaign and repeat where appropriate.