Don’t Miss These Barber Shop Accessories for Sale

Believe it or not, there is a lot that goes into beard care, and it goes much farther than a trim and an occasional treatment. Besides, don’t let any guy tell you otherwise; he cares just as much about his beard as any girl cares about her hair. Therefore, don’t miss a chance to stock up on these Barber Shop Accessories For Sale at La Española Beauty Supply, whether for your own shop or for your own personal use.

Blades and Accessories for Trimmers
The first part of any beard care routine is tied directly into a trim or a shave. Whether you like to keep your facial hair closely shaven so you can only see a shadow, or you need to keep it properly and precisely trimmed, the barber equipment at La Española is ready to roll. They have plenty of different blades for popular trimmers and razors like Wahl, including specialty blades for fades, detailed and even stagger tooth blades. In addition to these necessities, you can even get important accessories like blade coolant and clipper blade lubricant oil as well as covers for blades, and all right on their site.

Shaving Cream and Cologne
A quality shaving cream can make all of the difference in the world for those that appreciate the old world ritual of shaving. A poor quality shaving cream will neither lubricate the skin nor lift the hairs to make it easier for the razor to reach them. At La Española, you will find many fine examples of shaving cream from popular brands such as Bandido – but you will also find original colognes and aftershaves in fresh scents.

Conditioner, Balm, and Wax
A beard that is not kept well can become dry and brittle, just like the hair on your head. Therefore proper beard care involves maintaining moisture levels and protein as well. Beard conditioners can offer all this and more, as can some beard balms, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Any guys who are into styling their beards will find a great use for beard wax. It can help a beard keep its form, and some waxes are even treated to help protect and restore a beard while they work to help hair hold a shape. It’s just one more thing La Española can offer its customers.

In addition to these barber shop accessories for sale, La Española offers plenty of other beauty and skin care products for which it is known. Whether you are looking for a new set of blades for your trimmer or some beard wax, you can find it on their website at However, you can also turn to them to provide you with a wide range of professional beauty products for skin care, hair care and so much more. Visit their website today and a professional cosmetologist will join you for a live chat where you can ask any questions you might have.

Alternatively, you can visit them in one of the many stores they operate throughout Puerto Rico. There their helpful staff will be more than happy to put you in touch with the products you need and even make helpful recommendations along the way.

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