Don’t forget to Learn about the Messaging System in your Informatica Classes

Informatica launched a messaging system in 2013. It has been one of the fastest, highest performance and safest messaging technology to date. You can learn in your Informatica classes how this ultra-messaging system enables end-to-end visibility and intelligent alerting for organizational Ultra Messaging deployment.



Informatica Ultra Messaging was deployed in 9 out of 10 top global companies in the first month of its launch. In addition, many global FX dealers, leading hedge funds, exchanges, buy-side asset managers and proprietary firms were rapidly using it.

Better Visibility & Opportunities

As the ultra messaging tool gained popularity, the customers gained the visibility of mission-critical applications running on this application to make sure that their systems are optimally deployed and tuned to respond to market movements and capitalize on trading breaks.

Central Visualization & Monitoring

The Ultra Messaging System allows you to view and monitor centrally the business-critical applications, which use ultra messaging. The detailed statistics of messages are collected, compared, and analyzed on the basis of the logical relationship between various components and presented in a universal enterprise view.

By using the monitoring option of Ultra Messaging, customers can:

  • Optimize deployment configuration and design via a deep understanding of the system components and an interrelationship between them.
  • Show a relationship across application topics, instances, transports, and hosts via novel visualization of the distributed system.
  • Guarantee the high-performance in production through visibility into statics to recognize opportunities to augment infrastructure and application performance.
  • By analyzing combined and derived statistics that cater to high-level information about deployment, you can create a proactive plan for future system growth.
  • Diminish operational cost and risk through intelligent alerting for proactive debugging and identification of issues affecting the entire system.

Unique System view

The Biggest benefit of having an Informatica ultra messaging system monitoring is that it provides a novel system view that endorses users to rapidly isolate, identify and correlate relationships and operational problems for all monitored content across the ultra messaging deployment enterprise-wide. To see how all components are operating and connected, with just a one-click exposure of relationships crossway across the entirety of the data set.

Other Informatica Ultra Messaging System Monitoring features include:

  • Centralized data collection all over the ultra messaging topic resolution domains (TRDs) across the LAN and WAN networks, scalable to big deployments.
  • Topic-level drill down for deep insight into units interested in a specific message concern and faster topic related issue debugging.
  • Grid view for deep data-oriented analysis and correlation of monitoring entities.

Why Chicago Stock Exchange Chose Informatica for Messaging

Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) standardized on Informatica Ultra Messaging as its messaging backbone. This messaging application allowed CHX to process market data feed and quality orders with sub-milliseconds time for response. It also enabled CHX to use an internally-developed Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) messaging solution.

On the business point of view, ultra messaging helped CHX with:

  • Complete client satisfaction
  • Enhanced disaster recovery
  • Accelerated trade execution and quote updates
  • Similar engine and order flow strengthening
  • Reduced infrastructure cost and simplified architecture
  • Less CPU utilization

So whenever you start with your Informatica Classes, don’t forget to learn about the Ultra Messaging System. It will help any organization to grow and nurture by reducing various business risks.  ExistBI off Informatica Training courses in the US, UK and Europe.