How Important is Domain Age to SEO?

Is there any real correlation between a certain domain age and SEO efficiency in Google ranking promotion? This question about search engine optimization and how it can be correlated with a domain registration date is an important issue, often discussed by the expert webmasters, as well as many online business owners.

Domain age SEO

The operating tools usually mean that a domain age and Digital Marketing like SEO outcomes somehow go hand in hand. By default, their current opinions on how big the domain age is for SEO are very different, though they still make sense in their own way:

  • Domain age has no influence on SEO, and therefore on Google ranking age
  • Domain age is just an individual factor among the myriads of other features included in Google’s sophisticated ranking algorithms
  • Domain age plays a purely important role for the top position in the SERPs

Here are also two key points behind the current discussion on domain age and SEO:

Considering the logic the spammers are used to, the new domains sit on a register and drop them quickly, the newly registered names are more often employed at the spamming sites

By reverse logic, an old domain name will mean that the site is good and worthy, as well-established people continue to use the same domains for years.

Well, we see a lot of uncertainty here.But one thing I can tell you – the age of the domain does not matter when considered with those who own it. I mean that when a domain owner has a long-lasting and clean state in Google’s records, it won’t have at least a negative impact if you decide to buy an existing and already used domain name – vps server in canada. On the other hand, however, there are many “bad” domains, either previously identified as spam or even penalized by Google somewhere before.

To prevent such an unfortunate event from happening, the experts recommend buying only those domains, which have the public information available. Yes, the scammers can have just as much privacy protection, for example with Whois queries, I have to admit. Nevertheless, it will certainly bring suspicions around them.

Domain age

That way, I recommend doing a double check of the domain age and its history before entering into an agreement. And there are many useful frameworks available in open access to check when an individual domain name is registered. For example, you can try the Netcraft tool to find out when the domain is indexed by Google for the first time crawl. By doing so, you can consider the most promising domain names to be reliable, as they have been awarded for their long-lasting quality results and thus are well ranked in the SERPs.

Please note, however, that my proposal does not mean that a newly created domain name will inevitably lose the battle against the older competitors. Therefore, you have a lower chance of climbing to the top of the results – “The older the domain name you have, the higher ranking you will get” – it may not be 100% valid anyway. Just keep in mind that a period of good activity affects the domain authority, we must admit. Yet, a domain age with SEO can still manage the position of the website in their own way, both positively and negatively.

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