Does Your Home Need a Single or Double Sink Vanity?

Are you remodelling your bathroom space but can’t decide between a single or double sink vanity?

Having a double vanity is typically seen as a luxury by most homeowners, but they don’t realize just how it can aid daily tasks. This is especially true for families with shared bathrooms, where one person’s schedule overlaps the others’.

While a classic debate when undergoing a bathroom makeover, both styles have their pros and cons. So, how do you decide which is best for your space? Read this post with factors to consider when choosing between a single or double sink bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanity: One Sink or Two?

Take a look at what factors to consider when installing a single or double sink bathroom vanity.

  1. Space

Bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of configurations, shapes, and sizes, so you will need to think about your available space to choose the right one. If you pick a vanity that is too big, your bathroom won’t be able to accommodate it; if it’s too small, you won’t be able to get the most out of it.

  1. Functionality

Your bathroom vanity’s primary functions are to allow you to wash your hands and face, brush your teeth, and store accessories and bathroom essentials. So, functionality plays a big role when deciding whether you want a single or double sink vanity.

For instance, if you share your bathroom with a partner or children, a double vanity will allow everyone to not get in each other’s way. On the other hand, if you live alone and don’t have much space, a single sink vanity is adequate.

  1. Price

Whenever you are making a large home purchase, budget determines what you can get, and the same is applicable for your bathroom vanity.

So, before being sold on a certain design or type, prepare a budget to understand what you can afford. Keep in mind that double vanities require twice the plumbing which will drive up installation costs.

Moreover, when choosing a bathroom vanity countertop, your budget will determine whether you choose marble, quartz, granite, or a less expensive material. There are different price points depending on the type of vanity you want, and by thinking about your budget, half the work is done before you begin.

How to Decide Between Single and Double Sink Vanity for Your Bathroom

If your bathroom has enough space, a double vanity will be a welcome addition, as it adds a sense of luxury. It also lets you spend a bit more time with your partner. However, if you prefer privacy or want to use the space to install a bathtub, a single sink vanity may be the right option.

Choosing the right bathroom vanity comes down to your requirements and preferences. Get in touch with a reputable bathroom vanity provider who can determine which options and varieties best fit your lifestyle. They will work closely with you and offer options suited to your budget.

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