Does The Snow Need To Be Removed From the Roof And Gardens?

If you still need to take steps to protect your roof and garden from storms, there is still time. Take precautions if the next storm brings snow to your yard and temperatures drop.

Many parts of the United States expect above-average snowfall as part of the winter weather. Cold temperatures and snow showers are expected to persist into early spring in all regions. While many enjoy the snowfall, we must remember the roofs that protect us at home, office, or sidewalks from accidents.

A combination of freshly fallen and frozen snow can damage the roof structure of homes and businesses in New York. If you have more than a foot of wet snow or ice on your roof or garden, you must remove it.

Why Is Snow Removal From Roof Important?

It is important to remember that all roofs are designed for maximum load. This means that the roof can only carry the weight for which it is designed. Any change in the roof’s weight can cause the roof to collapse.

Such increased loads can cause severe damage to the building, with the potential for roof collapse, loss of productivity, loss of employees and customers, and even severe injury. A snowstorm can become a tragedy in an instant if there is no proper snow removal plan.

Why Need To Remove Snow From Your Garden?

Of course not, but snow and ice should be carefully removed from green areas and flowerbeds for several reasons. Even if it snows lightly and then melts again in a few days, there is no problem. However, if the snow on the lawn freezes, it can harm the formation of an air barrier. This can lead to the rotting of the lawn and mold growth in the snow layers. It is, therefore, worth saving time by not walking on the lawn in winter. If there is too much snow, evergreens will suffer significantly from the snow load. So be careful when removing the snow from your plants.

My Advice

Combining snow shovels and certain roof types quickly creates unpleasant snow dams on the roof and garden. Therefore, you need to take care to maximize the load-bearing capacity and ensure that snow does not fly off the roof onto passersby. Removing snow from roofs and gardens is harmless but essential for proper safety. Removing snow evenly from both sides of the roof is also vital. Otherwise, it will cause imbalances and increase the risk of collapse. In this case, we are here to help and advise you.