Do Science And Technology Bring Positive Impact For Civic People?

 Many people say science and technology made their life easier and comfortable while others say technology creating the living worse.

Which one do you agree with?

It may be challenging to choose which one is correct because both are right according to their experience. If you are stuck between them, then read this blog. We have covered both aspects. It means the positive as well as a negative effect.

  • Stats What People Think

We have mentioned that not everyone is happy with the technology. Now, let’s have a look at the percentage.

70% of people in the UK think that science and tech have a positive effect on society. 28% per cent of people have both positive and negative views, and the remaining per cent has a negative experience.

You can notice that a large part of the UK supports technology, and they believe that tech makes their life far more comfortable. Citizen sees the positive result over:

  • Medical facilities
  • Sharing information within a seconds
  • Make Online business successful
  • Facilitate in Travelling
  • Make learning and education a trouble-free

Let’s learn more about them in details…

  • Areas Where People Experience Positive Changes

There are six regions where tech has changed everything.

Medical facilities

If you compare the older with new therapeutic techniques, you will see the massive difference between them. In a more former time, people were dying just because of the inadequate medical facility. Nowadays, you can easily access the facility at an affordable cost.

SHARING INFORMATION within a seconds

You can share any piece of information within a second with millions of people. It may relate to personal or public. Facebook and Twitter facilitate the person to share knowledge with thousands of other people. No matter where you live, and what time, you can do this anytime.

Reduce the cost: It is a reason that communication between people has been raised from the last couple of years. The charges of calling in earlier time were much higher as compared to now. Technology has reached that level where you can call any person at no cost.

Make online Business successful

The business technique has changed now. If you are still running an offline business, then you are missing a crucial part. From the last few years, the number of entrepreneurs gets a boost to their businesses. The cause is technology that introduces online marketing.

Online and eCommerce business is on trending, and people now prefer to start online rather than an offline business. If you are planning to start a business, then this is the right time. Delay may introduce more competition. All you need an excellent plan and funds. If you have both, then you are good to go.

If you are running out of money due to some issues, then to arrange funds you can choose below-mentioned ways:

  • Investor: If they like your idea only, then they can provide the funds. Otherwise, you may have to face rejections.
  • Loan: It may be the right choice for you because of instant funds. All you have to do is to approach online lenders in the UK who offer loans without guarantorIn this funding option, you may get approval without presenting any guarantor. However, the lender may perform a soft credit check over your application.

Facilitate in travelling

You can quickly move from one place to another place in less time. It means you are saving time as well as money. It is the area which is mostly affected positively by technology. It is the reason more than 90% of people agrees that technology brought a huge change in travelling.

Make learning a education a trouble-free

If you compare the studies of today with several years before, then you can predict how difficult study was. Now with virtual learning, you can quickly learn a thing and understand how the machine works. It makes learning easy for students.

The primary reason was that human learns fast with the help of images and practical rather than theory — technology and science bridge between this, which make study easier for students.

Now, you can see science and technology brings more positive changes to make our life comfortable. Though, you cannot deny the other face of it, i.e. negative. Most of the people say that it makes human-less creative and lazy. But this little reason won’t able to cover the positive aspects of tech and science. Now, it depends on you to choose the side.

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