Sunknowledge Helps in Improving your DME Prior Authorization Workflow

The process of prior authorization has been in the billing operation for years now and everyone in the healthcare domain is quite aware of the challenges a prior authorization process has to encounter. In fact, the authorization challenges have made every organization from the AMA to the MGMA to lobbied insurance companies and Congress, etc to affect changes to reduce the complication in the prior authorization process which however has no alterations or has solved little of its problem.

Furthermore, with the revolving medical science, technology, surgical procedures, testing options, and new medications, it has further complicated the overall authorization process even more, which only experienced authorization experts can handle. As people with limited knowledge will either end up with delayed payments or errors resulting in rejected claims etc; thus, leading us to one of the ideal prior authorization solutions, Sunknowledge Services Inc.

Sunknowledge Services Inc : a master of DME prior authorization: 

Streamlining the complex DME Prior Authorization process and allowing providers to devote more time towards patient care management by helping them focus to provide better quality care, Sunknowledge services Inc is the ultimate destination that ensures closing the prior authorization gaps efficiently in no time.

Managing the workflow of DME prior authorization initiation, approval, and follow-up, our experts take care of all, starting from patient data entry which is the patient information into the EHR/EMR system. Maintaining a 99.9 % accuracy rate in the complete authorization process, our experts initiate the requests in real-time.

With a complete understanding of industry mandates and updating insurance prior authorization requirements, our experts further ensure continuous follow up eliminating burdensome administrative effort.

With customized reporting and complete operational transparency, timely analytic looking for areas to improve your DME prior authorization operation, our experts further reduce the operational cost.

So, if you are looking for a one-stop destination to get the DME prior authorization load off and enhance your authorization for better ROI in no time, Sunknowledge Services is the right answer.

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