A DME Order Entry Solution for Better Revenue Generation

A DME order entry expert has a very important role in the success of the medical billing process. In fact, a survey by ISG stated 97% of DME companies struggle with optimizing the workforce, asset, productivity, or growth especially due to incorrect DME order entry. With each process playing correlation with the revenue cycle function that contributes to an industry average of 15–25% of overall operating costs, DME order entry process in the entire process has a significant effect.

With the massive order entry volume and insufficient labor power, today many healthcare providers find difficulty in achieving the perfect medical billing process. Knowing the fact that 100% accurate inputs at the order-entry stage can lead to a clean claim submission many in-house healthcare providers still fail to achieve so. This is why healthcare providers opt for outsourcing DME order entry for a better output and revenue generation, as outsourcing has special experiences people working specifically in the DME order entry process.

Sunknowledge Services: the perfect operational extension for all your DME order entry:

Sunknowledge Services Inc addressing all the DME order entry and medical billing problems is a one stop medical billing and collection company for more than 28 specialties.

Helping you in achieving a better revenue generation and streamlined operation, Sunknowledge experts for DME order entry offers unparalleled support and cutting edge solution for better revenue generation.

Ensuring high quality services along with a reduction in the time that is consumed during the administrative work, Sunknowledge offers benefits that no other RCM organizations offer. Like pre-billing activities, doctor office and patients calling for relevant documents, highest productivity metrics at a low cost, robust reporting, no cost dedicated account manager, no binding contract and immediately increases in your collection by 80% within the first 30 days by getting your PRIOR AUTHORIZATION accurately approved by us; we today are the part of many leading DME names in the industry. Providing an excellent industry reference and 100s of satisfied clients, our effort of 99.9% accuracy rate and 97% highest first pass collection rate is still intact.

To know more benefits that we offer and to leverage our facilities for DME order entry, get in touch with us over a ‘no commitment call’ and get a way towards financial upliftment and streamlined operation.