Shrink your DME / HME prior authorization error rate with Sunknowledge experts

The process of prior authorization has always been encumbering with a lack of transparency and inefficiency. This not only affects negatively patient care but also costs physician practices time and money. Furthermore, reports have been submitted where 10 percent of physicians complaining of waiting for more than a week for the authorization process and 69 percent stating with a waiting period of several days; which unconstructively is affecting both the physicians and the patients.

Furthermore, with the increase in the number of visit types and procedures related to the DME / HME ( Durable Medical Equipments / Home Medical Equipments ) prior authorization is in need of the prior authorization leading to a major increase in the denial rate for many practices.

Around 74 percentage of denial claims are associated with errors in the prior authorization process and medical necessity mistakes of all denied claims according to a recent study. This cause of denial in fact often happens for several reasons, mainly for the failure to secure a prior authorization in advance or authorizations being requested improperly. This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc fits in.

Sunknowledge Services Inc – The preeminent solution for DME / HME prior authorization:

With prior authorization specialists excelling in managing DME/ HME prior authorization, we help all the providers addressing all their challenges associated with obtaining a seamless prior authorization. With rigorous follow up and direct doctor office calls we ensure better authorization. In fact, working with the various insurer and updating with present industry mandates, we are a destination known for reducing your errors rate and so denial and rejection of claims.

Partnering with us further minimizes the time and resources that you end up wasting on getting your authorizations process done. With 100% authorization submission and 99 percentage of authorization approval rate, we aid in saving your money and also from hours of rework, benefiting both physicians and patients.

Partnering with us is a relief from getting ghastly authorization consequences. For more information, reach out to our expert.

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