DIY – How to Repair Your Toilet

If there is water leaking out of your toilet where the toilet sits on the floor, you will probably need to replace the toilets seal or more commonly known as its wax ring. A wax ring is a thick ring of wax up to two inches thick that provides an air tight as well as a water tight seal between the base of the toilet and the toilet flange.

If the toilet is not screwed securely to the floor, it will “rock” when a person sits on it which in turn will wear out the wax seal. When this happens water will start to leak out and bad odors will as well. If not fixed right away, this could also destroy your floor and cause you to have to repair or replace the floor.

To avoid this, make sure your toilets screws are always tight and repair any leaks right away. A new wax ring should also be installed any time the toilet is removed such as if you happen to be replacing an old toilet with a newer model that you liked such as a more Plumbers in Rockville Centre. Replacing your toilets wax ring is pretty simple to do and can pretty much be done in less than an hour by the average person.

The first thing you need to do is to turn off the water to the toilet by turning off the water supply line behind the toilet. Next you need to empty the toilets bowl and its tank of water. Then you will need to disconnect the supply line from your toilet. Next you need to unscrew the anchor nuts that are attached to the hold down bolts. You then lift the toilet off the floor and lay it on its side so that you can scrape off the old wax ring. Any wax residue that is left on the floor should also be scraped up. You may now press the new wax ring onto the toilet and re-set the toilet back onto the toilet flange.

Next you need to screw the anchor nuts back onto the hold down bolts making sure you get them as tight as possible to prevent the toilet from “rocking”. Now you can reconnect the supply line to the toilet and turn the water back on. Presto, you have just fixed your toilet yourself, saving you money and possibly your floor and next time it needs to be done, you should be able to do it in no time at all.