Dipak Nandi – Why practices are looking out for operational extension for better financial support

Managing the medical billing process has always been one of the daunting and time consuming tasks. Today, when healthcare costs are continuously rising and managing the medical billing operation with limited resources is becoming an expensive affair for many; healthcare practices and providers are looking for better alternatives – like outsourcing.

In fact, according to a recent survey more than 83 % of healthcare practices are trying to reach out to the extended operational support for help.

The benefits of having operational extension support manage your medical billing:

Understanding every part of billing requirement along with the complex, Medicare and Medicaid directives, payer guidelines, new codes, the intricacies of healthcare accounts receivable and payer variations; an operational extension following interoperability standards maximize your reimbursements. With an experienced and skilled support team, an operational extension with the knowledge of working with the right EBO partner, in fact, reduces your accounts receivable days and error rate in no time.

Dr.Dipak Nandi, M.D, a pioneer in the healthcare industry and a New York based renowned neuro-psychiatrist, who is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, in fact, stated that-Outsourcing today is the need of the hour as it helps in improving your overall collections and assists you with a higher collection rate in no time.

Helping you cope with the present day staffing shortages problem, an operational extension offering solutions to resolve existing accounts receivable (AR) and claims management problems so you can get a continuous cash flow. Catering to all your end-to-end accounts receivable needs, the operational experts further identify workflow inefficiencies and work on streamlining internal operations. 

Improving the overall billing and coding accuracy at the same time while reducing the rate of claim delays and denials, an operational extension finding all your billing loopholes work on ways to increase your ROI.

Dr. Dipak Nandi who has also been instrumental in improving the healthcare industry for more than two decades also stated that – saving you tons of money and time, an outsourcing option further helps you grow revenue and focus more on patient care and satisfaction.

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