Dipak Nandi: What Streamlines Your DME Billing for Quicker Pay Back?

Increasing penetration of respiratory items, home healthcare services is dominating the growth of the DME market. The rising elderly population, chronic conditions are influencing the market expansion in all proportions.

According to some authentic estimates, the entire market in the US is expected to reach $ 77 billion by the end of the year 2026. It is observed during the last year that a major proportion of the individuals who are suffering from comorbidities and other allied conditions prefer to stay back at home.

DME providers are actively looking to stay ahead in the competitive landscape and reduce their overall operational expenses. However, it can be quite a challenge to find a trained team, especially in the current scenario to eliminate your practice management challenges.

Most of the problems with DME billing begin at the front end with eligibility checks, entering the order and confirming it, and securing prior authorization which sets the platform for quicker reimbursements to fall in place.

What to look for in your DME billing service partner

So how to know you have reached out to your ideal RCM partner? There are some serious fact-checking possibilities that you have to engage in at the onset. A dynamic company understands what exactly you are looking for and will provide customized reporting and that too at next door rates. Also, the company will have excellent references and must have a pool of resources who knows in and out of pre and post DME billing services.

You must find out what is the value on offer. Are they providing a tangible roadmap to reduce overall DME billing operational costs? If they do it ….. by how much! It is critical to find an answer for all the same before you look to invest in a service partner who will help you focus better on patient care and not worry about securing payments.

To conclude, a reliable DME billing company will work as your operational extension, offer you streamlined support. It will accelerate your process and help you earn a competitive edge at these tiring times with 100% HIPAA compliance and excellence.

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