Dipak Nandi MD: How Medical Billing Has Changed After The Pandemic

It is true that historic changes happened with evaluation and management (E/M) coding and that took place on Jan 1 2021. The new guidelines from the American Medical Association now are allowing physicians to select an E/M code based on the time spent on medical decision-making and the date of the encounter.

It essentially means that physicians may not have to rely on any physical exam or history of patients to determine the appropriate level needed in E/M coding. Prior to any such changes, both the items as well as the medical decision-making used to be needed for any E/M code.

The CMS also has finalized the changes with the Medicare Physician schedule in 2021 that align with the guidance shared by the AMA. It is one of the greatest changes over the last 30 years according to the agency.

Dipak Nandi MD opines in the mean while, any medical billing staff as well as coders faced the greatest shift in Medicare physician schedule in about three decades on top of any frequent off cycle changes to critical medical coding sets to count in novel corona virus as well as related conditions.

Benefits with outsourcing to a quality firm

At a time with a lot of business owners not finding workers, it is critical for you as a healthcare provider to invest in outsourcing of medical billing services to a competent vendor. At present, reducing your operational expenses remains a major area of introspection for many.

Dipak Nandi MD thinks that quality resources that can define your practice management standards can be hard to come by. You need to do a quick drill down and know how experienced the billers and coders are from a particular vendor. It makes your job a lot easier and will help you assess how a proven challenge is resolved with quality expertise and dedicated attention from a top class medical billing services company.

At the end, focusing on your patients remains a major area of concern. Hire a trusted partner that can allow you to do that is a blessing in disguise.

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