Dipak Nandi, M.D: Telemedicine an Ideal Platform Solving all Health Problems

The spread of the pandemic coronavirus has not only obtained social distancing in the culture but also gave rise to issues related to mental disorders like anxiety and depression.  In fact, a survey stated that over 450 million people worldwide, including over 60 million adults and 7 million children and adolescents in the United States are seen suffering from some type of mental health issues.

While 34.3 million American adults reported demanding treatment for alcohol or illicit drug use and mental health treatment whereas 4,627 assigned mental health shortage areas across the country are seen leaving over 100 million people without adequate access to mental health services due to the concept of social distancing.

There is where telemedicine reaches as a savior.

Today in this pandemic crisis, the intervention of the telemedicine platform in disease management and specified health disorders has changed the entire healthcare perspective; especially in helping the mentally ill patients.

In fact, more than 57% of online patients receiving treatment from the telemedicine services have shown no signs of depression compared to the 42%with conventional therapy. Offering further benefits, the telemedicine platform also proved to be:

An easy and convenient solution – cutting the long waiting time and traveling cost, getting a telemedicine platform only needs internet access and a webcam, which is more than enough in receiving the treatment that the patient needs.

Increase in access – helping in blurring all geographical boundaries, the telemedicine platform providing complete access to even people living in a rural area which was impossible in the traditional visit. Helping people who are housebound or having mobility issues, this platform provides complete access within the comfort of their home.

Fewer missed on appointments –  it is seen that the no-show rate of 3.5 percent, significantly lower than the industry average of 30-40 percent, which is patients are seen more active in this platform. In fact, the platform has also seen an increase in the patient ratio too.

Providing complete access and removing barriers like location, transportation and convenience, the platform not only have the solution for physical health issues but also ensure quality mental health services too, observed Dipak Nandi, M.D while treating patients during the corona virus pandemic crisis.

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