Different Types of Recruitment Procedures Practiced In Bahrain

There are several kinds of recruitment that organizations use to appoint the best employees. Not every job has the same requirements, and so the recruitment process might vary as per the needs of companies. This indicates employers need to implement advanced hiring strategies that will suit their environment and appeal to the candidates who will be appointed.

Several kinds of recruiting procedures will be used within the same company, considering roles and departments for which they are hiring. In case you are in the manufacturing industry, you will have marketing, design, technical, sales, artisan, and admin roles for satisfying entry to executive standards. Therefore, employers can’t use the same recruitment methods to find the best candidates within each segment.

First, let’s answer one of the much-awaited questions –

What Is Recruitment Bahrain?

Recruitment is the process of shortlisting, selecting, engaging, and appointing employees for the particular domain. There are several companies which consider recruitment as competitive advantages, which are the origins of innovation, reputation, productivity, and commercial outcomes. These companies generally use multiple techniques to attract, realize, and engaging potential employees.

What Are Kinds of Recruitment Methods?

These are some common sources of recruitment procedures –

1. Internal Source

This sort of recruitment continues within the organization internally. To be specific, applicants seeking higher positions are those who are currently employed with the same company. At the time of Recruitment Bahrain, primary consideration will be offered to those employees who are currently working within the company. This internal source of recruitment is important, which provides options for the development and utilization of the existing resources within the company.

This internal recruitment type is one of the easiest and effective methods of selecting resources as the performance of their work is already overview by the company. These are common internal sources types –

• Transfers

• Promotions

• Recruitment of Former Employees

• Employee Referrals

• Internal Advertisements

This kind of internal procedure of recruitment has several advantages and minimum disadvantages. The advantages of internal recruitment sources are –

 This recruitment source is easy, simple, quick and cost-effective,

 There is no need for induction and instruction, as applicants already accustomed to the company’s whereabouts and responsibilities,

 This procedure influences current employees to produce more productivity and increase strong relationship within the company,

 This recruitment source supports in growth of genuine and potential employees within the company;

In short, internal recruitment is completing time-saver for employers as no need to search for new hires.

2. External Source

This kind of recruitment procedure requires appointing employees outside the company externally. Thus, applicants seeking employment are those who are strangers to the company. This external recruitment source encourages innovativeness and new ideas for the company. However, recruiting external employees is quite an expensive and complex system, which can support the company to reach its actual goal.

In external recruitment sources, applicants need to be sourced, professionally interviewed, examined, and verified prior to choosing to hire. These are various external recruitment source kinds –

• Direct Recruitment Bahrain

• Advertisements

• Employment Agencies

• Employer Exchanges

• Campus Recruitment

• Labor Contractors

• Professional Associations

• Employee Recommendations

Therefore, external recruitment source means appointing employees outside the company has ample advantages, which include –

 This recruitment sort encourages new options for job seekers,

 The company can increase goodwill via external sources,

 There is no partially among employees unlike internal recruitment procedures,

 The scope of choosing the right applicant is more as numerous candidates are appearing in interviews;

 There are several drawbacks of recruiting through external sources, which are –

 This external recruitment procedure consumes more time and resources,

 The selection procedure is much extended in external sources,

 The external applicants will be asking more remunerations and conveniences, unlike current employees appointed for higher positions;

Therefore, external employees nurture new ideas and innovations in the company.

To conclude, employers need to be enough stretchy to select between internal or external sources of recruitment according to the organization’s requirement to appoint employees.

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