Decorative Window Treatments to Have a Lively Home

Our homes are the key to a life filled with happiness. Everyone desires to give their house a unique and personalized look. A pleasant ambiance at home has a soothing power that relaxes both the mind and body. Window dressings play a significant role in creating this comfortable environment at home. When someone wants to enhance the look of their interior, they often choose decorative window treatments.

Window coverings attract the eyes of the visitors to a home, so one must make the effort to make them as enticing as possible. Here are some blind and curtain combos that are handy as well as gorgeous in any season.


  • Window Shelves and Roller Shades

This is a fantastic combination for beautifying a room. With this combination, one can pull down the roller shade and enjoy the outside views by keeping the window shelves in place. This window dressing combo provides perfect protection from the scorching heat of the sun and also adds uniqueness to the room’s decoration and personality. Window shelves can be decorated with colorful flower pots to simply woo the visitors as well.

  • Sheers and Shutters

Plantation shutters come in a wide range of fabrics like aluminum, PVC, faux wood and wood. This exquisite combination of shutters and sheers brings liveliness and versatility to any room. The alternative pattern of open spaces and slats create a classy appeal. This decorative window treatment blocks heat and light and creates a comfortable ambiance inside any room.

  • Curtains and Printed Valances

Valances are decorative window elements that give a distinct touch to the whole dressing. They not only conceal the hardware portion of the drapery, but also help to cover up any architectural flaws. With diverse kinds of patterns, prints and designs, valances add a vibe of the Victorian period to any room. Choose valances of contrast colors with the curtains so that guests’ attention is diverted directly to this decorative window treatment.

  • Silk Curtains Having Tie-Backs

Silk curtains in a bedroom add an extravagant look to the space. These curtains have a chic element that is the epitome of elegance and class. Since these curtains come in thick fabrics, they are protected from extreme climates and harsh sunlight, providing the room with necessary insulation. Pairing silk curtains with tie-back options is like adding the cherry on top of a sundae.

Choose from the above when deciding on a decorative window treatment that will add the proper aesthetic to your home.

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