Decorating Vertical Blinds to Have Custom Made Look

Vertical blinds are a popular window treatment used in modern homes. Though these window dressings beautify the home in their own way, some people wish to customize them. But how to give these blinds a personal touch? Well, these blinds are the easiest window treatment that can be decorated in one’s own way. You can color the blinds directly or use some adornments to accessorize it. No matter what way you choose to decorate the blind, custom made vertical blinds will dress up your home in an extraordinary way.

Vertical window dressings can be unhooked from the top. So, for painting it one can lay the blinds down much like a cloth on some flat surface and clean them with water and soap. One should use a washcloth or sponge for cleaning the panels. Then, wipe them with some dry towel and let them dry completely. Make sure that there is no dirt or dust before applying the paint.

One can use spray paints for a faster painting job. One has to hang up the blinds with nails or clothespins and then spray paint in thin layers on both sides. Ensure that the first coat dries completely before applying the second coat. Different kinds of spray paints are available for different materials of vertical blinds like fabric, vinyl and so on.

Want to create some pattern on the blinds? Use acrylic paint and a stencil to create nice patterns on the blinds. One has to lay the vertical blinds against each other on drop cloth. Fix the bottom and top with painters tape to make the alignment is perfect. Start filling up the stencil from top to bottom. One can make patterns of their choice and create custom made vertical blinds for their home décor. Now when one is creating patterns, he has to keep certain things in mind.

  • He should not put excess paint on the paintbrush. It is always good to use a small amount of
    paint at a time. This will help him to have control over the amount of paint that finally falls on
    the blinds.
  • He should use dabbing motion and not a stroking motion. This will prevent streaking of colors.

Want to try painting your vertical blinds? It’s simple yet tricky.