Create Trendy Fusion Style with Traditional Window Shades Combinations

It’s time to give your traditional window shades a stylish and trendy look. How about going for a combination of window coverings instead of a single one? It will give an innovative touch to the whole interior and make the window look more interesting.

Combining Bright Draperies and Roller Blinds

You usually use bright color draperies in living areas. Now, combine these draperies with earthen color roller blinds to give it a classy look. If you wish to create a modern and stylish look with traditional shades, then you can use interesting quirky prints in curtains. This renovation in window dressing will certainly uplift the feel and look of a living space. Again, if the living room is huge, you can layer up draperies and sheer curtains together with roller blinds. Using a combination of blinds and curtains enhances both privacy and light control.

Pairing up Wooden Blinds with Velvet Draperies

Velvet draperies are opulent and have a beauty of their own. Pure wooden blinds are elegant. What, if you combine the two? This is the best combo of traditional shades for any living room. The aesthetic appeal of velvet drapes together with the classy touch of wood blinds will give the room a standout look.

The Combo of Wooden Crown Valances with Shutters

This combination is suitable for large windows. Wood valances look similar to a crown and hide curtain rods or pelmets. The royal and bold look of valances and shutters will create a seamless beauty and a contemporary look.

Combining Sheer Curtains and Zebra Blinds

If you have a craving for a simplistic style, the combination of sheer curtains and zebra blinds is perfect for you. To give the best touch, choose grey color sheer curtains or white monochrome blinds. For a more subtle look, add a little bit of baby pink. However, this color contrast is not suitable for all kitchen windows. If you plan to dress up kitchen windows with this combination, go for dark colors instead of pastel shades.

As always, it is best to seek expert advice for traditional window shades by choosing a reputable window treatment store.

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