Improve your CPAP Prior Authorization for a Complete RCM

Exceptional standards of operational activities, best productivity metrics in the entire RCM world, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a complete medical billing and collections company. The best part of working with us will be our dedicated account management and seamless transition offered to work according to your protocols absolutely free of any additional costs. We can meet or beat any price as we offer dedicated resources ready to work as an extension of your operations at just $7 per hour.

We have special capabilities in offering pre-billing services and managing front end RCM activities with great credentials for some of the largest names in the DME space. With over 100 clients in the DME/HME/Orthotics & prosthetics space, we are a pioneer revenue cycle management company, offering tailored support meeting both pre and post billing requirements in your RCM needs with great consistency.

We offer the right support in CPAP prior authorization services paving the way for a streamlined practice management effort in best proportions, laying down the checks and balances for a better reimbursement process.

Pre-billing Services:-

  • Eligibility Verification – Online & Calling (with same & similar check for Medicare)
  • Authorization Initiation – Online & Calling
  • Authorization Follow Up
    1. Follow-up with the payer on Authorization
    2. Completion of authorization form based on the outcome of the request
  • Doctor’s Office Follow-up for documents etc
  • Re-Authorization
  • Order Entry
    1. Patient Account Creation
    2. Patient’s demographic entry
    3. Prescription information entry
    4. Insurance entry
    5. Provider’s information entry
    6. Item entry
  • Order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of Delivery 

Also, we have extended our scope of work in the following activities:-

  • CPAP User Compliance tracking and support
  • Patient Collections
  • Re-supply processing
  • Hold projects (CMN/PAR etc.)
  • Fax/documentation indexing and management support

Let us share with you our best practices in CPAP prior authorization and our stand-alone pre-billing services over a “no commitment call”. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage right now!