Tips to Improve Your CPAP Billing Process

Due to the shortage of ventilators that the healthcare practices need to provide for the COVID – 19 positive patients in the present crisis circumstance, more and more people in order to overcome this situation are holding onto CPAP machines. 

Being a vital part of an important treatment for obstructive sleep apnea and especially today in this contagious coronavirus crisis; healthcare providers are finding CPAP billing extremely stressful. 

Being a complicated process that can take days or even months, here are few tips that can help you with seamless CPAP billing and coding processes facilitating faster claims submission and higher first-pass approval percentages.

Proper data management- starting from verifying patient name, insurance information to patient’s demographic information; every information is crucial for a seamless CPAP billing process. In fact, knowing the billing process is not enough as even a single error during the data entry process can lead to unnecessary denials of claims resulting in hours of rework and a waste of time, money, and effort.

Ensure of complete billing awareness – as the medical billing world is every changing and every insurance company has its own individual set of regulations, one must be familiar with the current regulations and rules to avoid unnecessary errors. In fact, more and more training for the billers and coders should be initiate, as it not only enables the billing departments, to quickly access the billing requirements but also helps them in retrieving faster revenue. 

Focus on submission of claims and denial management- ensuring timely claims submission one must also take care of areas like using the right codes for services or equipment covers, ensure correct physician credentialing and sufficient support documentation, etc; as these being the topmost reason for denial. 

Outsourcing your CPAP billing services- eliminating all your CPAP billing and coding errors, the main work of an outsourcing operational extension is to provide an efficient revenue generation. Reducing the operational cost by 75% there is an outsourcing operational extension that can manage all your data entry, eligibility verification, claims, and denial management effectively offering a service charge as low as $7 per hour.

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