Cool Your Home This Summer With These 6 Tips

Summer has arrived in India, with sweltering temperatures blanketing most of the country’s major cities. We must now all deal with the inconvenient consequences of rising temperatures. Is there anything else we can do? You can keep your house, where you spend the most of your day, cool and calming by following the suggestions in this blog.

● Allow air circulation

Allow for cross-ventilation by opening a few windows. The optimum times to accomplish this are between 5 and 8 a.m. and 8 and 10 p.m. At these times, the weather is pleasant, and proper circulation allows the heat in your home to leave. Take advantage of the cool breeze by leaving the windows open in the summer. Mosquitoes and bugs can be kept away by hanging insect nets on windows and doors.

● Set up blinders

The heat on the outside can be absorbed by the windows, resulting in extremely heated interiors. Blinds must be used to block off the sun’s beams to keep the oppressive heat at bay. Close your blinds from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Opt for permeable and lightweight materials, such as burlap screens or bamboo blinds. Dark colours should be avoided in favour of white or pastel colours. Close the curtains and blinds to keep the room cool if you’re heading out.

  • Utilize natural fabrics 

If you’ve ever sat on a leather sofa in the summer, you’re probably aware of how hot and muggy the fabric can be against your skin. Heat is quickly absorbed by satin, silk, leatherette, and polyester blends. Choose cotton and linen upholstery for your furnishings and bedding. Ventilation and airflow are aided by lighter, airy, and breathable textiles. They can also instantly enliven a gloomy space.

● Cool hues should be used

It’s an excellent time to repaint your walls because of the hot summer weather. Give your house a festive makeover that will keep it looking new all year. Pale yellow, aqua, millennial pink, taupe, and white are good choices. Painting your property will also allow you to assess your walls and prep them for the monsoon period.

● Make the most of the paint on your walls

Consider more power solutions for the walls while you’re checking out the roofing. In the event of a heatwave, better insulation and conditioning properties will assist in keeping your home cool. There is a scientific explanation why white clothes are advised throughout the warmer months. Heat is reflected by light and absorbed by dark colours. Light-coloured walls are similarly affected. If you reside in a hot, humid region, use non-heat absorbing colours like whites and pastels on your walls. External heat is absorbed by black, red, and other dark colours, which quickly warms the house. Selecting cooling and UV-reflective paints in light colours is among the most effective strategies to keep your home cool throughout summer.

● Incorporate some greenery

Plants like the areca palm, aloe, and ferns, which can absorb toxins in the air, can help keep spaces cool. Because these plants are also aesthetically pleasing, they look great in any nook. The sun’s rays are blocked by strategically planted shady trees and plants on the east and west sides of the house. To assist keep the house cooler, climbers, and vines can be grown on balcony grills and internal screens/dividers.

Staying warm inside without or with little air conditioning is entirely possible in hot weather. You may save money while also helping to protect the environment by implementing these air cooling solutions. These tips should help you stay cool and comfortable at home whether you purchase 2 BHK Residential Flats near Budge Budge or elsewhere in India. Because global warming promises to generate future extreme heat concerns, it is important to implement solutions that will bring both short-term comfort and long-term benefits.

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