Consider Outdoor Traditional Fireplaces for Your Outdoor Space

Some people lose sight of the fact that a fireplace offers so much more than heat while they are laying out plans for designs. Outdoors, and especially indoors, a fireplace is so much more than a fixture that can help you to control the ambient temperature of an environment. They are tools, but they can offer you so much more than that.

In the first place, a fireplace can offer you heat, and for that reason it becomes a natural fixture and a gathering place for entertainment. When it comes to outdoor living, a fireplace, much like a fire pit, becomes the focal point of a living area. People naturally congregate around it. They share stories, they enjoy their meals by them, and in some cases they even prepare their meals over them. In that regard, a fireplace is a tool, but it also serves as the centerpiece of a design.

In that way, a fireplace becomes an element of decor and of design. It ceases to be only a piece of equipment that makes outdoor entertaining possible. It becomes a part of the setting, like a piece of furniture or art that can set the mood of a gathering not only by its aesthetics but also by the added features that it can offer. These are some of the prime reasons that you might want to consider Outdoor Traditional Fireplaces when you are setting up your outdoor living spaces.

You could, of course, just go with the simplest outdoor fireplace design you can find, add it to the setting and go from there. Contrarily, you can spice up the scenery and setting of your outdoor getaway with the classic appeal of some outdoor traditional fireplaces to make an impression as well as adding heat.

Consider a look like the one that is offered by the Superior 36” Paneled Outdoor Vent Free Firebox. A model like this offers a refractory interior to send as much heat as possible back out into the setting and is a convenient option in a vent free fireplace for outdoor living. Best of all, you can build it into your design. Frame the space around the firebox with stone, for example, to match the stonework that you used to decorate the rest of your outdoor space. There are many ways you could go with it; this is only one.

Another great option among outdoor traditional fireplaces is Superior’s Purefire 42” Paneled Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace. Gas fireplaces are convenient, but there’s not much better than wood when you’re looking to add some traditional class to a setting. You can dress up a fireplace with whatever facade you like to match a setting, but when it comes to tradition there’s just nothing like wood. The heat thrown off, the ambience of the dancing light, and the gentle scents and sounds of a wood fireplace offer no substitute. Add a wood burning fireplace to your outdoor oasis and you’ll likely see more gatherers than usual seeking the warmth of the fireside.

There are many other options available than these, however, offering you a nearly endless array of options when it comes to outfitting your outdoor living space with poise and class. If you’re looking for these but want to see what else is out there, be sure to visit Embers Living at Embers Living has one of the largest collections of fireplaces and grills, both indoor and outdoor models, that you’ll find. Best of all, their customer service is second to none, so if you’d like some recommendations on how to outfit your outdoor space or want to learn more about outdoor traditional fireplaces, give them a call at 303-800-5659.

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